Hear What The Oprah of Sex has to Say


Guest blog by the “Oprah of Sex”, BloomEnjoyYourself.com CEO Jillian Bice



When you’re a woman in the prime of your life, did you know you’re in the best position ever to enjoy great sex, and have a lot of fun while you’re at it? “Really?” you ask. Yes, really! And here’s why…






In the prime of our lives we’re likely financially secure, our kids are leaving home (yes, you have your home to yourselves again, and no, celebrating this with a bottle of champagne doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids!), you likely have some deep, long time friendships in your hip pocket, and you’ve got experience – loads of it!



Sadly, though, it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives. If we were to believe everything we read, apparently we’re less desirable, less fit, less interesting, and less sexy. Most of the time we can’t even accept a compliment gracefully without poo-pooing it.



But here’s what I think: we’re actually more. In fact, we’re so much more.


Imagine recognizing how beautiful you are and really loving yourself – yes, complete with all your well-earned wrinkles and lovely soft belly. Next time you’re out, look around you. Pick out a woman in the crowd who looks confident. What is it about her? Is it the way she speaks, holds her head, walks, dresses? Sometimes you don’t really know. She may have wrinkles and a soft belly, she may not be wearing designer clothes, but who cares?! She sure doesn’t!


Now, here’s the best part… Love of self turns into self-confidence. Self-confidence turns into natural beauty. And natural beauty comes with its own “gift with purchase”: complete, unabashed sexiness. Yes, confident women are incredibly attractive, beautiful, and sexy.


So what does all this mean for your sex life? It actually means a lot! Sexual confidence is a powerful thing. And by powerful, I don’t mean in an over-bearing, no-holds-barred, plow-right-in kind of way. Instead, I mean in a way that, by understanding and loving yourself, you can know and communicate your sexual wants and needs. Conversations about sexual desires can be some of the most joyful communications in a relationship. And putting these conversations into action can result in some of the most fulfilling encounters for couples.



And consider this: from your partner’s point of view, who would be more fun as a sexual partner? Someone lacking sexual confidence and with low self-esteem, or someone who loves themselves and feels comfortable and in control – and looks pretty fabulous while they’re at it!



You are you. Be proud of yourself and accept the compliments gracefully. Love your history that’s brought you to where you are – even if you wish you could change parts of it. A confident woman is very likely a sexually fulfilled woman – in whatever way that is defined for her. Choose to love yourself, and watch your sexual self begin to bloom!



About Jillian Bice
As an intrepid, soulful entrepreneur and registered nurse and  BScN , Bice combines her passion for women’s health with her unique vision for creating an online retail experience unlike any other in the luxury sex toy market today.  She brings the very best sexual health and wellness information experts and trusted sources to the BloomEnjoyYourself.com stage, coupled with a collection of curated luxury adult sex toys and her simple yet powerfully inspiring message of giving women permission to “Bloom” within their sexual experiences –  realize the beauty, confidence, strength and freedom inherent in their sexuality.