Healthy Cooking Classes to Get Summer Ready

 Cooking for a Cause

Breast Cancer Alliance, one of the most prominent breast cancer foundations in the country, is committed to education and the promotion of overall health and wellness as tools for prevention, treatment, and recovery from breast cancer. Throughout May, National Women’s Wellness Month, BCA is offering a series of online events from exercise to anti-aging skincare, supplements, stress relief, and more.

Some fan favorites are the cooking classes and a wine tasting, just in time for Memorial Day! For just a $25 donation per class to BCA, you can learn from some of the best! There are some teasers below but for the full list of events and registration, visit:


Source Your Smoothie with Meredith Geller and Mike Geller, Mike’s Organic: May 8 at 10 am EST

Mike Geller is the founder of Mike’s Organic, CT’s premier farm-to-home delivery service and market. In 2009, Mike quit his job in advertising and went off to live and work in the Kalahari Desert. (Yes really!) It was in Botswana that he discovered something incredible: all the food at the supermarket looked and tasted better than almost anything you could buy at a grocery store in the U.S. Mike became a student of how food was grown and immersed himself in local, sustainable farming and agriculture, including volunteering at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. These experiences coupled with a lifetime of cooking, gardening, fine dining, hunting, and fishing served as the foundation for Mike’s Organic.  Mike has been featured by The New York Times, Martha Stewart, the Today show, CNN, NBC, Food Network, The New York Post, Fox Business, and more.

Meredith Geller, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, HHC, AADP has been practicing The Elevated Life™ method with clients for over 15 years, focusing on weight loss, gut health, skin issues, cleansing plans, and meal planning for individuals, couples, and families. Throughout her career, Meredith has prided herself as an expander, a holistic nutritionist on a mission to break down the walls that constrict our view of nourishment. Meredith’s years of experience advising private clients and private chefs fuels her understanding of both the universality of creating optimal health and our need, most often, to customize. Meredith’s truly holistic approach coupled with a focus on gut health, optimal digestion, plant-based cuisine, and a common-sense method rings true with everyone she works with.

During the months of May and June, Meredith will be offering her services to the BCA community and graciously donate 10% of all the proceeds as continued support for BCA. To learn more about Meredith, please go to  To set up your complimentary 20-minute intro call, email

Healthy Cooking for Busy Weekday Meals with Chandler Boyd:  May 8 at 5 pm EST

Chandler Boyd is a graduate of UCLA and went on to be a Lakers Girl for the LA Lakers. She is now a personal trainer and ACE certified Nutrition Specialist. She’ll share a delicious, healthy weekday meal for busy people and a tequila cocktail to boot!

Plant-Based Cooking with Chef Joyan Stroh: May 16 at 5 pm EST

Joyan Stroh attended the Institute of Culinary Education, followed by her externship at Blue Hill at Stone Barns where she was immersed in seasonal & local cuisine.  Since then, Joyan has worked at several local restaurants including North in Armonk, NY, Organic Planet, and Back 40 Kitchen in Greenwich, CT. Now as a Personal Chef, she is dedicated to providing her clients with flavorful, healthy plant-based meals on a weekly basis. In this class, Joyan will cook a quick and nourishing dish using spring veggies plus provide tips on how to coax the most flavor and nutrients out of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains and a few flavor-boosting techniques.

Plant-Based Eating with Cathy Holligan: May 23 at 12:30 pm EST

Cathy Holligan is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Intentioned Wellness LLC. Her coaching practice provides a comprehensive set of services to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. In her talk, Cathy will discuss the ins and outs of the plant-based diet, provide tips for maintaining a balanced nutrient profile through plant-based foods, explain how to shift towards plant-based eating in a healthy way, and whether a plant-derived diet is right for you.

Living and Drinking Clean – Organic, Biodynamic, & Natural Wine with Horseneck Wine and Spirits: May 23 at 5 pm EST

Healthy living includes healthy drinking.  Three Michelin-starred restaurants are trading Bordeaux for tiny Loire producers making unfiltered young wines.  The most exciting trend in wine is the emergence and popularity of low-intervention, clean, natural wines. Greg Rubin, Certified Sommelier and Owner of Horseneck Wine & Spirits in Greenwich is a leading voice in the natural wine movement and will guide you through the world of Natural wine – what to look for, how to know which wines are naturally made, and how to find what you love.  You are encouraged to purchase a bottle or two in advance of the tasting by clicking here but it is by no means required.