Happiness looks different to everyone. What does it look like to you in the New Year?

New York Times Bestselling Author Empowers Readers to Be Inspired, Strong, and Happy

What’s your  idea of happiness for 2015, let’s start the New Year on a positive note!

in the garden of happiness

In his latest inspirational book, In the Garden of Happiness, New York Times bestselling author Dodinsky aims to uplift readers’ hearts and souls with words of contentment and self-empowerment, and shares the wisdom and support to find power within ourselves to lead a happy life.

As an emerging leader in positive thinking, Dodinsky weaves words of contentment and self-empowerment in In The Garden of Happiness, and gives readers the wisdom and support to find power within themselves to lead a happy life.

“When life is tough and seems overwhelming, it is my ardent hope the simple reminders in this book will help center your thoughts and lift up your spirit,” Dodinsky said.

When Dodinsky started posting his thoughts online as a way of coping with the blows life had dealt him, little did he know he was also building a sanctuary for weathered travelers across the globe seeking upliftment and inner-strength sustenance.

Dodinsky was deeply humbled when he realized that his ruminations on life became a gift to readers. Appreciative emails from people from all walks of life flooded in, saying he inspired them to look deeper within themselves for the answers to their own happiness and self-worth.

Dodinsky’s Facebook page has become a community where nearly 275,000 people share their own stories. www.facebook.com/Dodinsky

About the Author: Dodinsky searched for life’s meaning at an early age and came to see the world from a unique perspective. He recognizes the simplicity in complex situations, and masterfully weaves words of power and emotion to inspire people’s spirits.