Hamptons Bound… So, I’m Heading Over to NY Health & Wellness for a Shape-Up/Beauty Tune-Up!


I’ve recently found a real gem here in Westchester and I’m now a regular there. NY Health & Wellness, at 450 Mamaroneck Avenue in Harrison, has an awesome host of health, beauty and wellness programs and services that shouldn’t be missed. It’s become my home away from home, and their incredibly warm and wonderful staff of experts are like family now, but one that takes care of my every need!!

Last week, I was able to block out an entire week at NY Health & Wellness to try out a number of their services – just in time for my bathing suit debut in the Hamptons!

Day One — NY Health & Wellness has the only “jump start” fat/cellulite reduction machine in Westchester and I was so there for that one! When I arrived, an attractive, upbeat technician first explained the process, then took my measurements and asked me to lie down on a comfy table. Then, she put laser-emitting “paddles” around my stomach/love handles/back (or any other problem area you choose) for just 10 minutes. I felt just a pleasant warming sensation and that was it. Apparently, the paddles emit a painless cold red laser that noninvasively causes the fat cells to release their triglycerides into the bloodstream. By releasing these triglycerides, which are comprised of fatty acids, glycerol, and water, fat cells are effectively emptied of their contents. This process is very similar to conventional weight loss, with the advantage of being able to directly target your problem areas. I can’t wait for my next treatment – they recommend that you do eight. The expected inch loss is 2-4 inches from the waistline, equivalent to a loss of two to three dress sizes for women!

Day Two – No pain, no gain is NOT Lisa Avellino’s mantra. She’s the Director of Movement Therapy and gave me a workout that didn’t have me looking at the clock and praying for an end time. I actually had fun and worked hard with her, especially on areas that are problem ones for any woman my age. And, my muscles did ache later, but I never could have predicted that as I was going through her easy, targeted workout.

Day Three – Food, Glorious Food! Jacqui Justice, the Functional Nutritionist, sat down with me and went over some Dos and Don’ts that really surprised me. I had previously had my blood taken at NY Health & Wellness (they do the most super-extensive blood analysis in the world) and found that my body has sensitivities to foods that I never dreamed I’d be sensitive to — and that were actually preventing me from losing weight! Eggs? Really? So, Jacqui outlined the foods and meal choices that would work for my particular body to help me lose weight fast and effectively. I can feel the difference already! I have more energy throughout the day and so much less fatigued – and am hopeful that this will translate into weight loss as well.

Day Four – My blood work actually came back showing that I was “toxic” in mercury! Who could have known that toxic metals can accumulate in our bodies and blood stream by absorbing them through our diet?  Thankfully, NY Health & Wellness offers an easy, pain-free procedure to remove these toxins, called “Chelation.” The whole thing took about 12-15 minutes and I couldn’t believe how simple it was. Under the direction of the Medical Director, Dr. Tim Morley, a simple IV needle (the same one used to draw blood) was inserted into my arm and somehow the toxins are magically removed through this simple, pain-free process. I am so grateful to NY Health & Wellness for this… Toxic levels of mercury when left untreated can interfere with all of your hormones, your nervous system, GI system and virtually all metabolic processes in the body.  Good riddance to these metals thanks to the chelation therapy!

Day Five – I finished up my week-long beauty tune-up with a Skin Tyte treatment, designed to lift and firm up the skin. Best places to start are on your face and neck, but it works on your abdomen too to tighten up the sagging skin there! Skin Tyte uses infrared light delivered to the deepest layers of skin at a controlled and safe temperature. The body responds by building new collagen bundles and because they are new, they are tighter and help to lift and firm the skin.

To be continued for sure…! I can’t wait to get back to NY Health & Wellness for more health and beauty. If you want to check it out, call 914-703-4811 – and you’ll get a 25 percent discount on any service if you just mention “Stacy Knows.”