Going On A Road Trip with Your Newborn Baby? Here’s What You Need To Get First

No feeling is better than being the newest mom or dad in town. It comes with a lot of joy and excitement, especially when you lay your hands on the cute little thing so gently not to harm it! As the first few weeks or months pass, parents can’t stop looking for ways to welcome their newborn in style and appreciation to Mother Nature. If you choose to welcome him or her an adventurous way, taking a road trip can be an amazing idea. But no one said the sail will be all smooth and calm or did they? Luckily, there are a few ways you can make it memorable and less daunting, and this includes being keen on your packing list.

In other words, you’ll need to arm yourself with baby must-haves for a road trip. For moms who guessed right, these include items that will help keep your baby fed, happy, and comfortable. Here’s what you need to get first before going on a road trip with your newborn baby.

1. Baby Car Seat

A car seat is definitely a must-have whenever traveling with your baby, be it to the mall or a road trip. It helps keep your baby safe, secure, and comfortable in the car when driving. In case you hit a bump or your car swerves a little, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe even in their sleep. As a matter of fact, it is a legal requirement in many countries when traveling with a baby. As you can see at https://www.babyandco.com/, there’s a wide variety of baby car seats to choose from based on your needs and preferences.

They are available in a range of designs, features, and quality levels, so be sure to pick the safest option for your newborn baby. Most importantly, the car seat must be fitted correctly to ensure your baby remains secure during the trip. When buying a car seat for your infant, some factors to consider so you can make a perfect choice may include:

  • Your baby’s age and size
  • Available room
  • Ease of installation
  • Car seat quality (is it tested and approved?)
  • Usage period
  • Side impact protection
  • Portability

2. Toys and More Toys

Traveling with a baby can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. You will, therefore, need to keep your baby entertained and distracted during the trip with toys. Before you leave the house, pack some of your baby’s favorite toys to keep him engaged during the drive. Ensure you put the toys next to the baby seat, preferably in a small bin where he can grab them easily by himself.

3. Lots of Wipes

Maintaining your usual health routine while at home can be a challenge while traveling with your baby in a car. To keep you and the baby from getting messy, consider packing some wipes for your trip. This will do the trick when it comes to maintaining hygiene. You need to prioritize hygiene as you travel even without a tap of running water. Wipes will definitely come in handy in cleaning your baby after a diaper change or after a meal. Use them to clean your hands before and after tending to the baby.

4. Extra Clothes

Packing some extra clothes for your baby will keep him clean and fresh, in case of diaper leaks or food droppings, making your trip much smoother. Remember, babies may require changing diapers up to four to five times a day since they keep soiling themselves. Pack enough extras to keep the baby neat. Also, ensure you have an extra leak-proof bag to stash away the soiled clothes for washing later.

5. Diapers and Changing Pads

You can never have enough diapers while traveling with a baby – the more the diapers, the better. Diapers should be among your priority items on the packing list. Pack one diaper for each hour during your travel. This will ensure your baby is comfortable and less fussy. Don’t forget the changing pad to lay your baby as you change him in the car or restrooms.

6. Blanket

A baby blanket is important for the baby’s snooze time. It’s a small hug that makes the baby feel safe. A blanket will not only keep your baby calm and warm, but it will also lull him to sleep easily. Carry a few blankets to keep your baby warm and cozy during the trip.

Finally, a first aid kit should never miss from the car as you take on the trip. It carries vital items that can lift you from a sticky situation in case the unexpected arises. Babies tend to get sick while traveling. Ensure your first-aid kit consists of pain and fever relievers for the baby, lotions, ointments, cough syrup, and gripe water. Being extra proactive won’t cost you! These are some of the items you will need to ensure an enjoyable and memorable road trip with your newborn.