When you take your Dog to Go make sure they glow!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you take your do to go make sure they glow.

These “Scary cute” Dog-e-Glow matching LED collars and leashes including their new  Halloween Plaid Pattern and Skulls designs! Will keep you and your pooch safer at Halloween and any time in  between .



With each collar and leash illuminated their entire length, Dog-E-Glow’s LED collar and leashes  help keep people, their kids and pets safe  when walking at night in the dark, outdoor fall clean-up or fun festive activities such as Trick-or-Treating.



Combining functionality, technology and fashion, all of the Dog-E-Glow collars and leashes have a stylish design for day combined with the safety andfunctionality of LED lighting that provides maximum visibility at night. 
Check out this really adorable video  “Work Hard Glow Hard”