Never say “Where are my glasses?” again…


Did you know that 64% of women in the USA wear eyeglasses and the total vision care market in the US generated over $34 billion in 2012?

Never say “Where are my glasses?” again…

That’s why the Eye-Hole adjustable eyeglass necklace is a fashion accessory that many of your readers will not only need, but will also love! Available for only $25, the Eye-Hole adjustable eyeglass necklace is not only affordable, but it is also:

  • versatile because it can be used both for reading glasses and sunglasses

  • stylish and is available in suede, braided leather or polished cotton cords

  • functional because it allows you to always have your glasses handy and ensure that you never forget and leave them behind

Kate Berger and Ann Lightfoot, a mother-daughter design team, came up with the concept for Eye-Holes after Ann said to Kate for the millionth time, “Where are my glasses?” Kate thought her mother should get one of the old-fashioned granny eyeglass necklaces that would clip to the end of her glasses. Ann thought it was hard enough to accept wearing reading glasses, not to mention she was far too young and glamorous to look like a librarian. So they got to work and came up with the Eye-Hole!

Eye-Hole adjustable eyeglass necklaces are available for $25 at and at various retailers throughout the country.

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