Gift Ideas for All of Your Friends


If you are in a bind while trying to figure out what to buy everyone on your holiday list, you don’t need to worry since you are at gift central. This year, the holiday season is bound to feel brighter than ever as the vaccine has become available and family and friends can come together for the first time in almost two years. Since we are being reunited with our loved ones, we may want to spoil them just a tad bit to show how much we missed them. No matter who you are shopping for, we are here to help take the stress out of gift-hunting so everyone can enjoy this festive time of year.

The Gamer

If you have that one friend that you just can’t coax out for a New Year’s drink because they are too involved in their Xbox series or Nintendo switch, then these are the ideas for you. One of the hot new gaming items this year is a game controller. There are always a ton of accessories to choose from that can include a brand new keyboard, joystick, or analog stick for that PS4 player if your friend is looking to improve their gameplay.

Whether your loved one is an avid console gamer or prefers PC games, they will be the first to tell you that having the best gaming controller can change the way they play their favorite PlayStation game. One tip to look for when buying a new controller is the ability for your friend to be able to play their game without being restricted to a certain gaming station; we promise it will make all the difference.

The Animal Lover

Most of us spoil our beloved fur babies more than we do ourselves. If your loved one has a soft spot for their feline companion, a cat cardboard house is a perfect gift for them. Each cardboard home comes in a fun design like a pirate ship, castle, or race car and offers some advanced features. The cat house is made to be durable and is great for a kitten or a cat. Your loved one’s feline will fall in love with their cardboard house, especially since it is super appealing to sink their claws into. Each home is also made up of 100 percent recycled cardboard, so you will feel extra good knowing you helped the environment while also making your friend happy. While you’re at it, you can also pick up a scratcher and a fun puzzle feeder.

The Gift Lover

If you have that one friend who just can’t get enough of opening presents, why not gift them with a subscription box? Nowadays, there are a ton of options to fit anyone’s tastes, including makeup, clothes, and food. Each month, a package will be sent to your loved one’s door. Inside will be around five to 10 special treats and presents picked especially for them, which can range from a razor if you chose a shaving box or a satin pillow if you chose a beauty box. You can often buy a subscription for six months or a year which means they will have months of joy for your thoughtful gift.  You can avail these subscription boxes via online store like Garden Street.

So this year, get creative and don’t let the overwhelming pull of retail therapy get to you. There are plenty of great options for every one of your friends on your list. No matter what you choose, whether it is a cat house or the best PC controller, your loved ones will be thrilled with the time and effort you put into each special present as it will provide them with hours of enjoyment and memories. Not to mention, you will feel great for hunting down the perfect gift for everyone on your nice list.