Get Your Roof Winter-ready


Usually homeowners look for a reason to maintain their roof instead of taking the precautionary measure to save it from the damage. Many of them ignore or don’t know the fact that Fall is a time to get your roof Winter-ready. By getting your roof winter-ready, you are protecting your roof from the needing future maintenance as often. This saves you from the huge amount that you may be paying later in case you didn’t get your roof winter-ready.

Cleaning the debris

Start with cleaning all the debris off the roof. It’s not that difficult. Use a leave blower and you’re all good. Do not forget the gutters while cleaning the debris, as the gutters may choke because of it. Be careful not to throw off the debris from your roof to you neighbors.

Next come the roof cleaning. Before doing that, examine the roof. Check it for cracks, damages, dampen areas etc. This gives you a fair idea about how much repair or maintenance your roof requires. This also help you notice any future issues or problems that the roof may face, and you can prevent them by hiring a contractor in time to save yourself from future problems.

Check the flashings

Next comes the flashings off the roof jacks. Check them thoroughly because they can cause leaks into your home during rain or after heavy snow. Some homeowners misunderstand this problem as a plumbing one, which isn’t. It is a very important step because water leaks cause many other costly problems as well. Also check your gutters and downspouts, flashings, and other roof areas as well. Check roof window areas, and the areas which face the direct rain exposure, and all those areas from where the water can get in.

Patching cracks

After the inspection comes the patching of the cracks in your roof. Use Mastic to fill them, and if don’t know how to do it, you can always call Roofing Dearborn Michigan. Start by applying the mastic at the ridge and while you are patching up cracks, make sure to fill the whole crack to avoid any leaking in the future.

Patios and walkways can suffer from the cold weather. Temperature changes and humidity could cause brick or concrete to heave and settle unevenly. Make sure to keep them free of debris and water build-up to reduce winter damage. If you notice ice or water accumulation last winter, look for ways now for proper drainage. You can add small gravel drainage next to the walkway or fix a gutter that drips on the steps.

In the end, check all the valleys, ridges and gutters. Make sure that the valleys are thoroughly checked during the check up because they get twice amount of water. Do not clog the roofing tabs while applying mastic to them. Gutters need to be leaf free as the leaves cause blockage and dry rot which may lead you to spend a lot of money afterwards.

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