Does fruit make you fat?

One of the things I get asked all the time is,” does fruit make you fat?”

The truth is, fruit has its role the body and has benefit, but there is just so much

A trainer friend of mine
  had a client who was eating 3-4 pieces of fruit a day and she had
a hard time losing weight for the last year and she wasn’t sure why. He told her right
away to remove all fruit from her diet and ANYTHING that could cause an insulin spike

The result? She lost 5 lbs that week!

See, if it is important to understand that if you are consuming sugar, it doesn’t matter
what kind of sugar it is, your body still digests it the same way, your body will still
spike the blood sugar and STOP fat loss. Yes, STOP FAT LOSS!

Insulin is the storage hormone that stores body fat and doesn’t allow you to burn fat
as energy during the day. That just means,  when you burn calories, they will NOT
come from fat, they will just burn glycogen. (the sugar you just put in the body)

Then, any time you have fruit, especially if its alone, it will mess with your energy levels.

Ever feel like after 12pm or 3pm you just don’t have enough energy? You probably either:
1. Are not eating enough before 12pm to sustain energy levels
2. Consuming too much sugar and its making you “crash”  (SUGAR)

Fruit is completely natural, I get that and agree.  It comes from the Earth. It’s not like it’s a donut or bagel. But it terms of FAT LOSS, it is the enemy, and the #1 cause of why people are so fat in America.

Lets look at this, it will blow your mind! 


1 apple = 120 calories
1 apple = 31 grams of sugar

12 oz coca cola can = 125 calories
12 oz coca cola can = 32 grams of sugar

I share this with you because you need to know what your
consuming. If you don’t you may be frustrated for a long time and
never reach your body fat goals. So stop eating fruit if your want to
lose fat and replace it with high fiber veggies, or you might as well
chug down cokes all day long.

  The Solution  to lose fat

First know, I am not against fruit at all. It has many benefits to it. I do
believe strongly you can get the same nutrients in fruit that you can with veggies,
just with no insulin spike to keep fat burning 24 hours a day. 

 3 Rules

Rule #1
Fruit has a lot of high fiber and antioxidents which are important.
Eat only the fruit with the highest amounts. i.e. blueberries, raspberries

Rules #2
Eat fruit ONLY with protein and make sure its eat least 10 grams. This will
help slow down the digestion and help stabilize your blood sugar. 


Rule #3
Eat fruit in the first two meals of the day or until noon time, then stop having it
The rules may change once you are at your ideal body fat levels and weight, but for now
take this information and apply it today and you will see your body fat levels shift!