From Rocks to Rocks: Lauren Kessler, Scarsdale New York

Lauren started painting rocks when She had to step away from her NYC office because of Covid. She was on a walk and noticed some painted rocks in a neighborhood. She thought it was such a great idea, and soon ordered supplies to pass time while she could not get to her real” rocks in my safe in Manhattan!
Kessler is a third-generation Jeweler and sells to Bergdorf Goodman and boutiques around the US.
So amidst a global pandemic – she and her daughter painted rocks together and then left them around the neighborhood and the local park, and it became quite a hit.
She began to get emails and even handwritten letters in the mail thanking them for beautifying the area!
Months later, RBG, who was such a hero, passed away and Kessler painted a few of RBG the next day and posted them on Facebook with a simple “heartbroken” icon.
Then she started getting messages and texts from people asking how they could get one, if they could buy one, etc.
The next day brought more messages and a text from an old friend asking if she could please buy one for her niece. She told her if she sent a donation (no amount specified) Lauren would decide where the money would go, and she could choose one. She immediately sent a Venmo for $100!
Shocked she thought “well if anyone asks, that’s the price now!” Several weeks later, she has raised over $13,000.  100% of the money has been donated to Emily’s List, the ADL, Planned Parenthood, and Memorial Sloan Kettering.  People have been gifting them to friends, mothers, sisters, and daughters, and someone gave them as favors to each woman at an intimate birthday dinner.
They ship for free!
They have no “official” end date but are happy to do custom orders and paint for as long as people will purchase them. Every dollar is critical and meaningful!
Venmo: Lauren-Kessler-11
Lauren Kessler
Lauren K
62 W 47th St
Suite 1203
New York, NY 10036

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