Free Online Video Downloader: Catch Video from Any Site

Online video streaming websites have become a prime platform to offer free movies, videos, songs, and a lot more for the convenience of the user. People nowadays heavily rely on high-quality video content for entertainment, education, and news updates.

But do you come across situations when you experience slow browsing, inferior quality streaming, and internet problems? If that’s what you go through, you need to get yourself a video downloader that allows easy downloading and video streaming on your computer, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, or tablets.

Features of A Video Downloader

A video downloader is a tool that lets you download videos directly from video streaming websites. These videos can then be run offline without the need for an internet connection. What makes this tool so amazing that it has become more of a necessity for people today?

· These tools offer fast speed for downloading. User can download their favorite video in multiple resolution options

· You can download as many videos as you like in a batch.

· You can even download the entire playlist with just a click

· Once the video is downloaded, you can play it unlimited times without having access to an internet connection

· These tools are extremely easy to use with simple navigation


Benefits of A Video Downloader

After having talked about the features, let’s look into the benefits that come with using a video downloader.

1. Download your favorite movie and music for offline enjoyment

There are times when you want to listen to your favorite music whenever the mood strikes you. It could be while traveling or while waiting. Similarly, watching movies on a smartphone is now a preferable gadget for very busy people. Both activities require an internet connection and access to a video streaming website.

For this reason, an online video downloader is becoming popular. Users can quickly download music or movie video files, save them on their smartphones and access them for offline enjoyment.

2. No installation required

These video downloader tools are mostly web-based software and do not require software installation.

Any time you want to download a certain video, visit their website, and insert the link of the favorite video and let the software download it for you.

3. It’s free!

The online video downloader tools are completely free to use! Some websites come with ads and popups, but it is acceptable as long as you are offered free services. After all, nothing is free in today’s world except for the deadly 2020 virus!

Moreover, the majority of the websites do not require log in or ask for personal information. This saves your time and directly takes you to the main motive of downloading the video. Simply browse to the website and download your favorite videos anywhere for free!

4. No viruses, malware, or spyware

When you download music files from other sources, you will end up having virus-infected files that can harm your system. But video files from renowned video streaming websites like YouTube are always safe. So, why take the risk of downloading music from suspicious websites.

With a video downloader, you also get to download the video that you can watch while enjoying the music. If the video takes up too much space, then consider downloading a low-resolution video.

5. Allows convenient video sharing

If you come across a video that is informative, you would want to share it with your friends and family for awareness. With an online video downloader, you can shrink and share videos with your loved ones.


Best Online Video Downloader

Now you know how vital these video downloader tools can be for our daily lives. Let’s take you through some of the reputed names in the industry from where you can download unlimited videos.


The online video downloader by Small SEO Tools is completely free to use. All you need to do is copy and paste the video’s URL and press ‘Download Video.’ It literally takes a few seconds to download your videos. However, longer videos will take a little more extra time.4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader allows you to download online videos at the highest possible quality without any fuss. All you need to do is visit the site and let the software download all kinds of videos with 3D format included.

The software comes with both a paid and free version. You can use the free version for downloads, but it offers limited features.


ClipGrab is yet another amazing software that is available for free! The tool gives you the freedom to download and convert videos into multiple formats. The program comes with a built-in search engine that lets you search and watch videos within the same software without having to switch browsers the entire time.



We watch videos for leisure, education, news updates, and a lot more purposes. Not everyone is blessed with a high-speed internet connection, and videos specifically require higher bandwidth. Video downloader tools are a blessing, and we should use them in all the best possible ways.