Flirting Tip The Dangling Shoe

When you expose your full cleavage to a man, he might find you attractive. He might even want to sleep with you. But will he consider you for a serious relationship? Probably not.

It’s much sexier to show just a little bit of skin. Mystery and anticipation are sexy!

Geishas, all covered up in their Kimonos, would expose a little bit of their wrists as they served tea. This was considered to be very erotic. A little skin goes a long way…

Same goes for the dangling shoe effect. As you can see in the photo, a shoe that dangles from your toe exposes most of your foot, leaving the toe concealed. It goes without saying that the sexier the shoe, the better. This won’t work so well with sneakers…

Feet are a turn-on for many men, and the ‘concealed-but-revealed’ foot is hot!

Try the dangling shoe and let me know what happens.


Go out and find some love  …



Sandy Weiner is an internationally known dating coach, blogger, and workshop leader at Last First Date, LLC and has been featured on Daily Buzz TV in her own segment, Love Bytes. She is fun, passionate and devoted to helping women break old love habits and achieve epic love with a worthy man. Her positive, practical, powerful coaching helps women become irresistible and find the love of their life. Kamado cookers, which are egg-shaped, ceramic, wood-burning grills that you may have seen or at least heard of, impart a delicious. If interested read here and get the most useful information collected especially for you.