Five steps from The Maids to make doing chores second-nature

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School is starting and finding time to keep your home clean can be hard while getting into your new routine.




Do you want a clean home but have trouble keeping it that way? Experts with The Maids®, the only residential cleaning service to clean for health, offer five tips to help you develop good housework habits. Incorporate these suggestions into your routine, and before you know it, you’ll have a tidy abode without even thinking about it.

1. Conquer the Chaos – All of those out-of-place papers, dirty dishes, clothing, and toys make a house look dirty and make cleaning difficult. Get in the habit of putting items where they belong or throwing them away as soon as possible. If you spend five to 10 minutes each day eliminating the clutter, the action will soon become second nature.

2. Be Neat Now – Don’t wait to clean until the weekend; instead, clean as you go. After you use the bathroom sink each morning, wipe it down with a sponge or cloth. Do the same for adjoining countertops and shelves. Follow this rule in the kitchen and other rooms, too. Cleaning in small increments every day helps you avoid the dreaded Saturday scrub-a-thons.

3. Make a Date – Bigger cleaning jobs – windows, refrigerator, oven and bathroom tiles – should be completed monthly, but are easily forgotten. Choose a time to tackle each task and write it down, or use your favorite technology to send you reminders. Do the same for weekly chores such as cleaning toilets, doing laundry and vacuuming.

4. It’s a Family Affair – Involve the entire family in housework. If you introduce the concepts of organization and cleanliness to your children, they are more likely to carry habits forward into adulthood. Make age-appropriate chores a fun activity by holding competitions, giving out gold stars or prizes, or singing and playing games while the work is being done.

5. Mind the Method – Teams of specialists from The Maids are the most thorough house cleaners in the industry, moving methodically in each room from top to bottom and to the right. Follow their lead when you clean and use microfiber cloths and a vacuum with HEPA filtration to remove dust and allergens.

About The Maids

Known for its 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, The Maids is the only franchised residential cleaning service to clean for health, combining environmentally preferable cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art equipment with a methodical process to maintain the healthiest living environment possible for families. The Maids enjoys a 96 percent customer referral rate, distinguishing them as the residential cleaning service of choice. Visit The Maids ( for more information.