Fitness industry experts reveal the benefits of implementing Pilates into your weekly routine this new year



With the new year in full swing, interest in the latest fitness trends has risen drastically, and with many wanting to get fit this New Year, fitness enthusiasts are now scouring the internet for the best workout routines to follow.


Online searches for Pilates are currently at the highest they have been in five years, proving just how keen people are to start the New Year off on the right foot and learn more about the benefits of Pilates exercises and how they affect the body.


Luckily, experts at Mirafit have put together a know-all guide to Pilates, sharing industry knowledge on its benefits, who it is ideal for, and how it can aid you in maintaining your fitness goals this new year.


What is Pilates?


Pilates is a holistic workout focusing on both alignment and posture, as well as breath work. It is a great abdominal workout but also helps to strengthen and tone the glutes, lower back, and hips.


What are the benefits of Pilates?


There are many benefits to a Pilates workout; these include:


  • – Helps to align posture: Prevents hunching in the back by engaging core muscles, back, and pelvic floor, allowing complete relaxation in the upper parts of the body, such as the neck and shoulders. It works to take away the pressure on your hips, which, therefore, improves your posture. Overall, this workout will get the parts of your body that hold your spine in the correct alignment to stay straight and improve posture.
  • – Gives more definition: Although Pilates does not help gain muscle, it can work the muscles through dynamic stretching to tone and define the body.
  • – Practices mindfulness: Pilates encourages your body’s limits and can be a great form of motivation. The breathwork needed to execute many of the exercises correctly is tough but very rewarding, leaving you in touch with your body whilst building strength.
  • – Improved balance, mobility, and stability: Through Pilates, your body gets to work all the areas that might be tight by opening them up. This benefits those who work long hours sitting at a desk or hunched over.


How to start Pilates:


There are so many options out there for local classes, online classes, courses, and videos, which is why it is important to go for the option that makes you feel the most comfortable and where you can put your all into the class without distractions.


Take part in local classes


Classes are a great way to get instant help regarding form, technique, and motivation.




If you prefer to work out in your own space, then this is the option for you. Online searches for ’28 day wall Pilates challenge free’ skyrocketed just days into 2024 by 315%, proving just how keen people are to get focused on a challenge that requires not taking part in a class.


This is also a great option if you would still like to go to the gym but follow an online guide on your phone without being in front of an instructor.


Follow videos and guides online


There are plenty of paid-for and free guides and videos online that will help you delve into the world of Pilates. These can be a fabulous way to introduce yourself to the Pilates world without taking a trip down to the gym and can be a slightly cheaper option than paying for a local class.


How often should you do Pilates?


If you want to see significant changes to your body with purely Pilates workouts, you should practice it at least three to four times per week. Rest days in between will allow your body to recover, adapt, and gain strength. You can increase the number of exercises and time you do in these workouts as you get stronger.


If you are just starting or want to see a little difference alongside your other workout routines, committing to a 20-minute Pilates workout daily will make you fit and toned in no time!


A spokesperson from Mirafit commented:


Pilates is an excellent form of exercise that will help you tone your body, keep you in tune with your muscles, and significantly improve your posture. Pilates has seen an incredible amount of interest online in the past few years, reaching an all-time high just in the past week alone.


Online searches for new workout challenges have become popular around the start of the new year, and interest in Pilates challenges has also increased. Searches for the ‘Pilates challenge’ have increased by 1,032% over the past five years, proving how keen people are to set a monthly goal to start the year.


Pilates could be the perfect way to help introduce fitness into your daily or weekly routines, so it is worth trying either alongside your other workout routines or solely on its own.”