Fireworks Over 3 Mile Harbor in East Hampton

Fireworks over Three Mile harbor July 20th




The Great Bonac Fireworks Show is a three-decade Long Island tradition of staging a dynamic midsummer fireworks show for residents of East Hampton, New York and visitors The event is staged each year over Three Mile Harbor at East Hampton. The tradition almost faded into history, but in 2009, the East Hampton based Clamshell Foundation began reviving the popular event.

Formerly the Boys and Girls Harbor Fireworks show, the Clamshell Foundation now hosts the event with fireworks by the Grucci family. The fireworks will be shot off from a barge in the middle of 3 Mile Harbor, so there are many viewing locations. This summer will mark the 33st annual display started by George Plimpton and Tony Duke

1 thoughts on “Fireworks Over 3 Mile Harbor in East Hampton

  1. craig hassler says:

    The Clamshell Foundation rocks!
    Here in Morebead City, NC taxpayer money is used to fund the fireworks show. I still don’t understand why.

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