Fine Dining Extravaganza: Exploring the Most and Least Expensive Michelin Star Restaurants in the US


Introduction: Michelin Stars have long been synonymous with culinary excellence and exclusive dining experiences. In the realm of gastronomy, the United States boasts an array of Michelin Star restaurants that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Recently, Restaurant Furniture, experts in the restaurant industry, delved into the menus of 45 two and three Michelin Star establishments across the country to unveil the top five most and least expensive Michelin Star restaurants. Surprisingly, four out of the top five priciest restaurants are situated in the culinary hub of New York City.

The Most Expensive Michelin Star Restaurants:

  1. Masa (New York) – $750 per person: Topping the list is Masa, founded in 2004 by Japanese chef Masa Takayama. This three-star Michelin restaurant offers a $750 Omakase menu, a casual and comfortable experience compared to the $950 Hinoki Counter Experience, providing an immersive encounter with skilled sushi chefs.
  2. Sushi Noz (New York) – $525 per person: In second place, Sushi Noz, opened in 2007 by chef Nozomu Abe, provides an elegant dining experience with a $525 Edomae style menu, earning its first Michelin star in 2020.
  3. Single Thread (Healdsburg, California) – $495 per person: Occupying the third spot is Single Thread, opened in 2016 by chef Kyle Connaughton. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a $495 ten-course Japanese menu, with ingredients sourced from the chef’s farm.
  4. Benu (San Francisco) – $420 per person: In fourth place, Benu, launched by chef Corey Lee in 2010, offers a three-hour dining experience at $420 per person, infusing a Western twist into Korean and Cantonese cuisines.
  5. Sushi Ginza Onodera (West Hollywood) – $400 per person: Closing the top five is Sushi Ginza Onodera, opened by chef Akifumi Sakagami in 2013, offering a $400 Omakase menu featuring traditional Edomae style sushi.

The Least Expensive Michelin Star Restaurants:

  1. Aquavit (New York) – $175 per person: Topping the list of more affordable options is Aquavit, established in 1987. This two-star Michelin restaurant offers a $175 five-course Nordic menu featuring exquisite dishes like yellowtail and pear, cod and cauliflower, and a delightful almond and maple dessert.
  2. Le Bernardin (New York) – $210 per person: In second place for affordability is Le Bernardin, owned by Maguy Le Coze and chef Eric Ripert. This three-star Michelin restaurant in New York offers a dinner menu at $210 per person, showcasing highlights like caviar tartare and seafood truffle pasta.
  3. Commis (Oakland) – $225 per person: Taking the third spot is Commis in Oakland, founded by chef James Syhabout in 2009. With a two-star Michelin rating, Commis offers a ten-course dining experience at $225 per person.
  4. The Modern (New York) – $225 per person: In fourth place is The Modern, located in New York, gaining two Michelin Stars since its opening in 2005. With a $225 tasting menu, Chef Thomas Allan presents an eight-course experience with surprise courses meant for sharing.
  5. Odo (New York) – $265 per person: Rounding out the list is Odo, owned by chef Hiroki Odo, offering a $265 per person tasting menu featuring traditional Japanese cuisine. Despite specializing in seafood, Hiroki Odo’s background includes being the former head chef at an acclaimed vegan restaurant.

The research by Restaurant Furniture unveils a fascinating spectrum of pricing among Michelin-starred restaurants, emphasizing the diversity and talent within the culinary landscape. Whether indulging in a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the most expensive establishments or savoring high-end dishes at a more affordable price, these restaurants showcase the dedication of chefs to quality and excellence. For more details on this insightful research, visit