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Some relocations can be a huge problem because people choose to move on their own without getting help from a moving company. The main idea is to save money, but most often they will only be left with back pain. They will damage their vehicles due to excessive weight when transporting the goods. In the long-term, this idea will consume time and money due to the lack of experience in moving the furniture. Some of you have maybe done it before. You tried to relocate and fell victim to believing that the furniture only requires packaging because it will save time and money and everything will be okay. However, as a result, the damage will be much higher. All these things just in order not to hire a moving company. You shouldn’t worry as much about the price as you can find cheap Manhattan movers.

With a moving company, you have the guarantee of a controlled and rapid move; all the details will be discussed with you beforehand. You will get a verbal agreement and a written one through a relocation contract in which the company guarantees the integrity of the goods and information.

You can make the right decision after understanding what expectations you have to have from a moving company. There are so many people who can help you, such as friends, family, neighbors. You will regret making this decision hen something will go wrong, when the window glass breaks or something happens to your furniture. All this will not happen when you choose to move with professionals or when someone is responsible for the relocation of your goods when everything is organized.

Just make a comparison between the price of a roll of stretch foil and bubble, cardboard, scotch and the cost of relocating objects. Think about the cost of a washing machine that you may have bought in installments, the value of the bookcase, purchased from a few salaries and observe why you have to think twice when you choose between a moving company and “other people who can help you.” See more here.

Make sure you get a contract

However, it is vital to hire a professional moving company that offers you a transfer contract where it is stipulated an insurance policy that can provide you with everything you need to pack for your personal belongings. A moving company does these things every day, and in this business, the experience is more vital than the theory.

If you still can’t decide, you can find below some tricks for moving the furniture in the house. If it is not a small piece of furniture, it is advisable to push it to the desired place rather than raise it. Many of us do not know that and do not have the experience to pick up heavy objects. You can end up with persistent back pain. If it’s necessary to raise something, use your legs. Avoid heavy lifting with your arms or shoulders. Always keep your back straight.

Check this out:

Use cartons and towels

Try as much as possible to squeeze something under the feet of furniture pieces, make a forward movement so that a cloth or cardboard can slide under the furniture so it will move more easily into the house.


In many DIY stores, there are small wheelbases with platforms, used either by relocations professionals or by people who want a change in their room, they sit on both sides of the furniture so moving their furniture will be much more comfortable.

Push or pull

Although the natural tendency of the man is to push hard things, it has been found that pulling is a more natural way and with a more significant effect on more massive pieces of furniture. Place your hands on both sides of the furniture, with your feet a few inches away, lower your body as if you were sitting on a chair and start pulling the piece lightly.

Release everything before any move

Most of us go over this step and try to move the furniture before emptying them. Leave time for removing all objects, automatically this will be easier, but you will also have the guarantee that nothing will fall out of the drawers.



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