Fast Plastic Surgeries That Will Improve Your Looks Without Discomfort

Are you thinking about heading to the doctor’s office to get an extra dose of self-esteem? Plastic surgery can do wonders for your appearance, but you might not want to be down for days or even weeks after you get some work done. The following procedures are fast and relatively pain-free, and they may have a dramatic impact on the way you look.


Neck Lift

Sagging skin under the chin and around the neck can give away your age like nothing else. No one wants a double chin or a wattle. Way back when, the only way to solve this unsightly issue was for a doctor to surgically remove the extra skin. This could leave ugly scars. Today, though, modern technology has turned a neck lift into a fairly simple procedure that doesn’t require a lot of downtime.


Via THERMilift or other techniques, a doctor uses a combination of heat and ultrasound to stimulate collagen growth. You might not see a difference immediately after you undergo this noninvasive procedure, but the collagen growth may continue for up to three months, resulting in tighter skin and a more attractive neck.


Dermal Filler Injections

Image via Flickr by ZaldyImg


Dermal fillers, like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and others, are an instant way to combat fine lines and wrinkles. The doctor will simply insert the filler into a specific area of your face. There is no downtime, and the results are noticeable right away.


The downside to dermal fillers is that since they are biodegradable, the effect they have will eventually disappear. Fillers may last for between six months and two years. However, some semi-permanent fillers might last for up to five years.


Mini Face-lift

If you want to take care of trouble spots in your face but don’t want to commit to dermal fillers and the maintenance they require, a mini face-lift might be your best option. This option addresses the deep layers of tissues in your face, repositioning them for permanent results. A mini face-lift is much like a traditional face-lift, except the mini face-lift focuses only on the lower part of the face.


This procedure does require a few incisions around your ears. However, downtime isn’t likely to last for more than a week. After all is said and done, you could look up to a decade younger.


Wrinkle Removal With Botox

Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure; more than six million treatments are administered each year. It is easy to see why so many people gravitate toward Botox when you consider the results it delivers. The substance that is injected into your skin during a Botox treatment is a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscles, thereby getting rid of wrinkles. After a Botox injection, you should notice results within three days. However, the results don’t usually last for more than a few months.


Improving your appearance doesn’t mean you have to be sequestered in a hospital for days on end. The above procedures are fast and require little downtime. Plus, they deliver amazing results!