Fantastically Simple Ways to Make Coffee Brewing Easier

From adrenaline junkies to workaholics, athletes, and academic nerds, energetic folks will tell you one thing in common. They’ll tell you that nothing kickstarts the day better than a good cup of Joe. However, there are many different types of coffee, and different people have their own preferences and definitions of the perfect cup. While the coffee shop across the street might serve the best brew every day, you may not have enough time to grab a cup on your way out or while at work buried in the urgent tasks of the day.


From this perspective, brewing your own coffee becomes more convenient, and perhaps even cheaper. The best part is that you can be your own barista if you have the right equipment, some skills, or the willingness to learn. On that note, here are some simple ways you can easily brew the perfect cup/s of coffee for your needs.

1. Get the Right Coffee Maker

To brew the perfect cup that gives you a nice bout of energy throughout the day, you will definitely need to have a good coffee maker. As we will see below, coffee makers come in a wide range of styles, designs, and sizes. To get the perfect coffee making machine, you need to think about your level of consumption and how many people will need to consume from the pot. For bachelors, young couples, and older folks, a 4 cup coffee maker is usually considered ideal. Even if you are alone in the house or office, it allows you to brew a few cups for you and one or two visitors. Getting the right coffee maker simplifies the whole thing, which brings us to the crucial points that follow.

2. AeroPress

This method makes more robust coffee than all the other methods, and the results are a sweet, full-bodied espresso coffee style. The machine for this was launched in 2005, and it comes in three parts. The coffee is put in the brew chamber while the filter sits in a basket at the brew chamber’s bottom. To extract the coffee, you have to press down where air pressure will force the brewed coffee through the filter into a cup. Brewing may take 2 minutes, and it produces a single cup. Fair, medium coffee achieves the best drink.

3. Get a French Press

For consistent and robust coffee, look no further. It is considered the best and easiest method for brewing. In this case, coffee is soaked in water. The method ensures that all the essential oils, caffeine, and oxidants diffuse and give the purest coffee flavors. Its brewing time is around four minutes, and you have a steamy hot cup or a few at the table. The experience is luscious, complex, and expressive. The flavor profile is pure, clean, and the solution has a thick body. The good thing is, no filters are required, so the process is a bit faster.

3. Using a Chemex

It is also known as a pour method, where the grind of beans needs to be medium coarse. A Chemex is a glass flask designed to hold a Chemex paper filter, which is a lot heavier than other filters. The coffee grounds are poured on the filter, and then hot water is poured on the filter paper, which soaks through the filter into the glass flask. It has a floral, balanced, and non-acidic flavor profile, which takes four minutes to brew and yields up to six cups of coffee.

4. Moka Pot

This method can give you that espresso-shot-like-kick that comes from the pressurized brew. However, there is a skill involved to achieve that shot of intense and bitter coffee style. The Italian stovetop or Moka pot is a three-chambered brew process where water boils at the bottom, which in turn causes the middle chamber to boil. After boiling, the pressure pushes the water up to the coffee grounds on the top chamber. This style makes the flavor strong and bitter. This process can caffeinate a crowd of up to 16 people. The process takes five minutes to brew, and you will all love it.

5. Coffee Cone

It is among the oldest methods of brewing coffee. Here, the coffee is put on a filter paper in a cone, and hot water is poured over the coffee. As the water soaks the beans or grounds, the excess water starts to drip into the coffee pot. The cones come in different flavors, making it easier for you to choose your preferred pick. Brewing can take just 3 minutes. Just ensure that the cone and filter paper are compatible to achieve the best flavor on your brew.

Finally, coffee brewing is easier and much more satisfying when freshly roasted and ground beans are used. If the brewing process involves filters, consider slow and steady pours of water over the filter for the best results. The coffee maker should also be cleaned regularly to remove residues that may impede the flavor of your brews. With the few tips above, preparing your favorite caffeinated brew can be as easy as ABC.