Factors to Be Aware of When Purchasing Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings Online




Buying an engagement ring is without doubt one of the most challenging things a man could ever be faced with, and with so many variables, it will never be an easy task. Will she like the ring? Will the ring fit? These are questions that naturally come to mind when looking at engagement rings and should you have little or no knowledge of diamonds, the risk of paying too much is always present.  In order to make the ring selection process a little easier, here are a few important aspects you need to understand prior to starting your online search for the perfect diamond engagement ring.


  1. Know the Basics About Diamonds – Buying something you know little to nothing about is certainly not wise and bearing in mind the high cost of diamonds, it is essential to understand the basics. The 4 Cs – Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat – all come into play when purchasing diamonds, and with that in mind, there are informative articles online that look at diamond grading in some detail.


  1. Know your Metals – The most popular metals used for engagement rings are gold and platinum, with platinum being the wise choice – although a little more expensive than gold – platinum is far more durable and resistant to scratches. Platinum prongs make for a secure diamond setting and are less likely to become damaged, which is an important consideration, as the ring will be worn all the time.


  1. GIA Certification – It is essential that you receive a GIA Certificate when purchasing diamonds, as this is the best way to ensure that the stone is correctly graded. Often, the cheapest way to source diamonds is by using an online wholesale diamond merchant like Diamondqueensland.com.au who stocks an extensive collection of vintage and antique diamond engagement rings. By dealing with an established company, you can be rest assured that the stones you purchase are certified and they can even customise rings to the client’s specifications, making for a truly unique item.


  1. Research the Online Jeweller – Unlike a bricks and mortar jewellery showroom, the online retailer has no tangible evidence to suggest they are an established and reputable company, therefore you should do your research when visiting online jewellers. They should have business premises, where you can view jewellery items, and every diamond piece would have GIA Certification, which ensures you are buying genuine stones.


  1. Customised Rings Are Affordable – Many people mistakenly believe that designing a custom made piece to propose to your girlfriend with is an expensive undertaking, when in fact, you can have a unique engagement ring designed and made for a similar cost of a ready-made ring. Some online jewellers specialise in customised ring design and they usually deal in diamonds on a wholesale level and pass the price reduction onto the customer.


Buying from an established online jeweller who specialises in customising rings would offer you a unique opportunity to create a special ring that symbolises your undying love and as the ring is a one off, she will really feel special.

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