”Everybody’s Gotta Eat” Free The Nipple PSA

The #FREETHENIPPLE movement has been sweeping the nation, with celebrity supporters like Miley CyrusCara Delevingne, and most recently Scout Willis who paraded around New York City, acting out in the fight for gender equality.  This army of passionate women will soon be portrayed in the upcoming film “Free the Nipple” directed by and starring Lina Esco, the American actress and activist who started the Free the Nipple movement.

 everybody had got to eat

With this short statement (Everybody’s Gotta Eat), we wanted to communicate a strong but simple message:  women should never be made to feel indecent for feeding their children in public.  At their workplace, at the park, in a restaurant.  Anywhere.  We have heard from countless women who have expressed hesitation and fear when faced with the need to breastfeed in public.  They felt oogled, embarrassed.  We feel that this comes from a deep-rooted fear of the female form that pervades our society.  We believe this fear is a gateway to alienation, to censorship and ultimately to gender inequality.  The mission of Free the Nipple is to fight this fear, and in turn, provide a safer and more equal place for women in our world.

Free the Nipple is about peeling away the collective shame to which women are subjected every day:  the shame associated with nudity, the shaming of women who choose to express themselves with their bodies, the shame felt by women who choose to lock themselves in a bathroom stall to feed