Epic Birthday Surprise Ideas For Best Friends


Birthdays are undoubtedly the best days to cherish. The birthday boy/girl is made to feel like a king or queen while everyone around is busy in making them feel special. Well, if your best friend’s birthday is around the corner, then you better have a good plan to surprise them. Every year when your best friend’s birthday is on the wind, you start panicking and stressing about new surprise ideas and ways to make it a special and memorable one for him/her. And if you’re the one who likes to give it every year, then you always get that feeling that you’ve exhausted your list.

But now you can sit back and chill because here is a solution to get you out of that dilemma. Keep reading the consolidated list of surprise ideas below that will add wonder to their day, making it a memorable birthday.

1. Flash Mob Birthday Wish

Surprises are great when they occur very unexpectedly and when it is something beyond one’s expectation and thoughts. The birthday flash mob idea is just that it can be a little crazy to pull off but it can surely never be erased from your best friend’s memory. Just call some of your close friends or you can hire a dance crew to execute it for you. They can dance to some favorite songs of your best friend and hold some message messages in placards during the mob. Just imagine your buddy in his/her routine going somewhere and then it happens. Sounds quite crazy but fun right?

2. Plan A Surprise Road Trip

A surprising road may sound weird, but it’s really fun to happen. If you own a car then it’s excellent, but if you do not, then hire a car. Call your other closed group of friends to join the fun. Pick up the birthday star straight from the home and drive to the favorite place without giving any hint to them. It will simply increase the curiosity level of your best friend. After, when all reach that place, your best friend will get amazed by seeing the favorite place where they wish to go. With the online cake delivery, perform the oldest tradition of cake cutting ceremony there.

3. An Unexpected Visit

This particular idea is perfect to surprise anyone. An unexpected visit by old school friends or a group of people who bring a bright smile to your best friend’s face is an unusual way of giving a surprise on their birthday. Imagine a moment when all of a sudden few of your old friends or anyone turns up to wish your best friend on his/her birthday without telling him. How surprised your best friend will be?

4. Midnight Surprises At The Door

How lucky one feels when they receive a midnight surprise at the door on their bug day? No one can personify the beauty of flowers on birthdays along with the scrumptious birthday cake. Even when you’re living apart from your best friend, you can make it happen by sending birthday gifts online. It will make your best friend feel like an extravaganza.

5. Organize a Surprise Birthday Party

This is a great idea which you can do unusually and amazingly. You all better know how to make a party thrilling and rocking. Many ideas can make a party more beautiful. Just invite all your friends and family members for the party and make this birthday a surprising, unique, and memorable one.

These are some epic ideas to plan a surprise birthday surprise for your best friend. Celebrate your best friend’s birthday in an enchanting way this year to make him/her feel special.


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