Emergency HVAC Situations: Signs You Should Call In HVAC Companies ASAP

Your HVAC system is one of the most important systems in your home. It keeps your home at a comfortable temperature and provides clean air to breathe. Most of the time, routine maintenance is enough to keep yours running properly. But occasionally, emergency HVAC issues come up that require immediate assistance from HVAC companies in Garner NC. Here are some signs that indicate you need to contact HVAC companies ASAP.

Your Air Conditioner or Furnace Won’t Turn On

If you flip the switch on your thermostat and your air conditioner or furnace doesn’t turn on, that’s a major red flag. The issue could be anything from a tripped circuit breaker to a faulty motor. But regardless of the specific problem, you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to properly inspect and diagnose the issue. Trying to fix it yourself could result in electrocution or carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t take any chances – call an HVAC company immediately to get your system back up and running.

You Smell Gas Coming from Your Furnace

One of the most alarming emergency HVAC issues is the smell of gas coming from your furnace. Never ignore this sign. It could mean you have a serious gas leak, which poses a major explosion risk. Don’t try to locate or stop the leak yourself. Evacuate your home and call both the gas company and an HVAC technician right away. The pros have specialized equipment to find and stop gas leaks. Once the leak is fixed, the HVAC pro can do a full inspection to ensure your furnace is safe to operate.

Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioner starts blowing warm or hot air, that indicates a serious problem. Possibilities range from refrigerant leaks to compressor failure. Regardless of the specific issue, you’ll need professional HVAC help to properly diagnose and fix it. Technicians have tools to check for refrigerant leaks and test compressor operation. Let them handle the repairs – trying DIY fixes could make the problem worse and endanger the whole AC system. Getting prompt professional service maximizes the chances of an easy, affordable fix.

You Have No Heat in the Middle of Winter

Waking up to a cold house in the dead of winter is a stressful situation. Your furnace may have a simple issue like a tripped circuit breaker. But it also could have a serious problem like a cracked heat exchanger or burnt out motor. Don’t mess around trying to troubleshoot it yourself – call HVAC companies right away for emergency service. With prompt help, technicians can often get the heat working temporarily while they order parts for permanent repairs. This gets your home warm again while avoiding pricier interim solutions like portable space heaters.

You Hear Strange Sounds from Your HVAC System

Unusual noises like banging, screeching or grinding sounds indicate your HVAC system needs immediate attention. Don’t ignore these noises – they often mean something is seriously wrong with the furnace, air conditioner or ductwork. Odd sounds usually signify damage to motors, fans, compressors or other key components. HVAC companies have specialized diagnostic tools to pinpoint the origin of strange noises. Identifying and fixing the problem ASAP prevents further damage. Strange noises from your HVAC system always warrant emergency service calls.

By recognizing these signs of HVAC emergencies, you can promptly call in the experts and minimize disruption in your home. HVAC companies in Garner NC have the skills, parts and tools required to diagnose issues quickly and get systems operational again. When you notice any of these emergency warning signs, pick up the phone right away to call in a professional.