The Ecstasy of Surrender

the ecstasy of surrender

 Are you longing for your life to be easier and more fun?


New York Times bestselling author Judith Orloff MD says that the secret to life is learning when to exert control and when to let go. You can’t control everything, as much as you might like to. Pushing too hard to achieve a goal can make you exhausted and alienate others–the opposite result you’re seeking! Surrender is not defeat, as it is often thought of. If you let go and surrender to the natural flow of your life, Dr. Orloff shows you how to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
The old way of thinking: Dr. Orloff says the old way of thinking–that if we try hard enough and keep pushing we can accomplish anything we set our mind to–can lead to frustration, stress, and fatigue.

What if you could enjoy what you have instead of always lusting for “more”?

A new way of thinking: Dr. Orloff explains how and when to stop pushing, controlling too much, and forcing things to happen. Surrender can be the most powerful, direct route to success, health, intimacy, and leading a fearless life.
 In her groundbreaking new book, The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life  .Dr. Orloff overturns convention by telling readers to stop trying so hard if a relationship or other goals aren’t flowing–and learn the art of letting go. Unlike other self-help books that focus on only using willpower to surmount obstacles, this book shows readers how letting go is a Zen-like strategy that offers the missing piece to removing obstacles–and achieving exceptional relationships, sex, finances, health, and career.