Eco-Friendly Transportation Solutions You Should Know More About


 The environment is one of the most important issues which is facing us all, with bleak predictions being made by scientists all over the world. Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to environmental damage, so every time you travel anywhere, it is vital that you consider the environmental footprint you are leaving behind. While all forms of transportation require energy, some are more friendly to the earth than others. As global warming has become an undeniable reality, and the impacts of climate change are being seen across the world, more and more eco-friendly transportation has been developed.

To help us all do our bit and protect the environment, here are some green transportation solutions you should know about.

Personal Transportation

Personal transportation is not only easy and convenient but in some places, it is the only option for getting around. We all know the damage which cars do to the environment, so here are some more environmentally friendly options:


Being significantly smaller in size and weight compared to cars and buses, motorbikes are fairly efficient. They are barely more fuel-intensive than buses, plus they allow you to avoid traffic and to park more easily. The only real downside of motorbikes is that they offer less protection than cars in terms of weather and traffic accidents.

Electric Bikes

Some of the most avoidable damage done to the environment is by those who use their cars to drive short distances, such as to a nearby office. If you are one of these people, consider leaving your car at home and enjoying the fresh air on an electric bike instead. The experts at Electric Bike Paradise explain that electric bikes, or e-bikes, use rechargeable batteries and can travel between 25 and 45 km/h. They are totally green, just like regular bicycles, but will enable you to travel much faster than most people can cycle so you will arrive at your destination quicker and in better shape. E-bikes are inexpensive to purchase, emission-free, and energy-efficient.

Hybrid and Electric Cars

If you treasure the ease and comfort of cars but still want to make a less environmental impact, there are middle-ground options for you – Hybrid and electric cars. Not only are they fuel-efficient and convenient for urban commutes, but they also help you save a lot of money on gas.

Biodiesel Cars

For long-distance travel, biodiesel cars are actually more efficient than hybrid cars. Since biodiesel uses fuel made from natural oils and fats, when accelerating and operating, biodiesel-fuel is burned without creating pollution. Moreover, biodiesel also contributes to energy security as it is usually produced domestically, reducing reliance on foreign gasoline.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the most eco-friendly ways as it reduces the environmental cost by carrying many people in one direction without a major time loss. Public transportation is available to some degree in all major cities around the world, and it is vital that anyone who has access to public transportation choose to take advantage of it.


Of all public transportation options, trains have been proven to release the least amount of greenhouse gasses per passenger. In most countries, going by train is also an inexpensive way to travel within or between cities and is suitable for solo or family travelers. Many major capital cities have excellent subway networks, which enable people to get around the city quickly without being stuck in traffic above ground in cars or on buses. The only downside of railways is that it is not accessible everywhere due to natural geographic conditions. Some rail routes also have restricted timetables.


Although buses are slightly more fuel-intensive than trains, they are also an environmentally friendly way to travel as they transport groups of people. While there are some controversial discussions with buses accused of not being efficient at current ridership rates, every time you step onto a bus, you are contributing to increasing its efficiency. Buses are well known for their convenience and inexpensive fares. They are often one of the best options for getting around a city or familiarizing yourself with a new place.

The way we travel has a direct effect on the environment. While it is impossible to always choose the most eco-friendly mode of transportation, making changes where possible in our daily commuting habits can make a big difference in reducing our impact on the planet. If you are currently not very environmentally conscious, break your habit circle, and make a change. A change in transportation can be a great first step towards other changes in your life, which can help to save the Earth.