Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick and Bar

bug stick
I was skeptical about the product, but it really does work!
And it’s totally organic and DEET-free, which is great since everyone has become much more conscious about what they’re putting in their bodies.
Not to mention  that Dr. Fedorenko is also a local Hamptonite and makes the product out East, giving it that local, home grown appeal.
Introducing the first all-natural, clinically proven, organic, DEET-free repellant: Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick and Bar. This eco-friendly repellant wards off ticks, mosquitos, gnats and horseflies for up to 4 hours, while doubling as a moisturizer to help nourish and hydrate the skin!  Creator Julia Fedorenko is a Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Doctor that became passionate about lyme disease after the scare of finding a tick embedded in her son’s neck after a hike in the woods.  While her son’s tick ultimately tested positive for Lyme disease, he was fortunately able to avoid the disease, but the experience brought the need for more awareness and preventative repellants. After several years of testing the product, Fedorenko finally created a chemical-free, organic tick and mosquito repellent that meets the highest standards of efficacy and differentiates itself as the ONLY clinically proven, all natural organic product that repels ticks and mosquitos. Whether you’re going on a scenic hike or jog, sitting on the porch with a good book or sending the kids off to camp, Dr. Fedorenko’s True Organic Bug Stick and Bar are the tools you need to stay bug free!

Dr. Fedorenko’s DEET free products are available for purchase on Fedorenko’s Holistic Skin Care Line’s website (www.drfedorenko.com) or at participating stores in Long Island, including Marders, East Hampton Indoor Tennis Pro-Shop, Red Horse Market, Khanh Sports, GroundWorks Outdoor Living & Garden Center and more. Bug Stick $30, Bug Bar $20.

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