Don’t Be Jealous of My Colorful Pens



Gel pens as bright as your personality and as limitless as your imagination enable you to create gorgeous artwork in a snap. A rainbow of colors at your disposal makes every project more exciting. Decorate your journal, write colorful notes, and spark creativity in a big way.


Your gel pens practically float across the page with smooth flow and style. Vibrant strokes, fine-tipped attention to detail, and awesome artwork will be the new you. Your friends might be jealous, but there’s plenty to share around!


Glitter and Scents


Amp up your passion for design with even more sensory experiences. Glitter gel pens add sparkle and shine to your writing and make everything pop off the page. They’re more than just your favorite colors. They mirror your radiant inner self, pouring personality onto every page.


Bring your creations to life with gel pens that don’t just dazzle, but smell good, too. Writing with scented gel pens is a treat for your nose. As you open each one and experience the fresh fruity smell, you’re sure to smile!


With scents like banana, orange, strawberry, cherry, grape, blueberry, blackberry, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, green apple, and lime to provide inspiration, you’re sure to create delicious masterpieces.


Multi-Color Gel Pens


As if an entire rainbow of colors weren’t enough, you can also play with gel pens that can write in more than one color. Can’t choose? No problem! With six clicks, you have access to six different colors all in one pen. It saves you time and space, to make room for more fun. Each fine tip gives you more flexibility and detail with the same smooth writing experience.


Choose one pen with six different colors of the rainbow or stock up with a set of four, each penwith six different ink shades. You’ll be able to create colorful notes at the click of a button or draw detailed pictures with ultra-fine tips.


Gel Pens with Character


GRL PWR pens to the rescue! If you want your gel pens to extend beyond brilliant color, write with these gel pens and enjoy sayings that inspire strength and beauty. Every girl deserves a set of pens to help her change the world.


Monster gel pens are so cute it’s scary. You’ll always have a trusty writing companion, no matter which monster you grab. Make sure you snap them together so that your monsters go hand in hand everywhere you do.


And they’re not just for kids. Adults can get in on the fun, too. Who wouldn’t want to liven up their staff meeting or grocery list with a colorful, friendly character?


All of Your Unique Needs


Gel pens are great for home, work, school, and everything in between. Pastel gel pens offer soothing color and will pop on black paper for interesting creations that are unexpected and out of the ordinary.


Neon colors bring boring tasks to life with exciting color that can highlight or call attention to anything. Use neon gel pens for studying, school work, or making lists so you won’t forget any of your daily to-dos.


Shimmer and shine like the bright star you are with star and ribbon embellishments on your gel pens. Like waving a magic wand over everything you do, your writing will be worthy of a fairy princess, and you’ll look like a princess doing it.


Modern writers need modern gel pens with futuristic style and sophistication. Elegant drawings and intellectual note-taking has never been so professional. And because everyone needs just a hint of color, there are six to choose from.


Don’t be stuck on boring when you can dial up the fun with so many colorful gel pens that your head will spin. You’re only limited by your imagination, which means you’re not limited at all! Small tips don’t equal small abilities. Every fine-tipped gel pen in OOLY’s collection is big on fun, just like you.