Does Mattress Selection Affect Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule? 


Adequate sleep is not just as a result of what we do, but also what we fail to do. You might have the right information that would help in developing healthy sleep habits for your baby, but what happens when you lack those accessories that puts your information to good use? Poor sleep! 

One major factor that really affects how well your child sleeps, is her mattress. You’re probably wondering why a mattress should be so important. Read on!

How Does A Bad Mattress Affect My Baby’s Health? 

Eventually, all children have to make the transition from a crib to a toddler bed. While this change is seamless for some babies, others have a hard time adjusting. 

Just like a poor night’s rest leads to headaches, drowsiness and poor concentration in an adult, a baby is also negatively impacted by poor mattress choices, leading to inadequate sleep. So what makes for a good baby’s mattress you might be wondering? Some long-held opinions might not necessarily be true. For instance, most moms think softer mattress are safer, which isn’t the case at all. As a matter of fact, having a child sleep on a mattress that is too soft could lead to accidental suffocation, strangulation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).   

How Do I Pick A Good Mattress For My Baby? 


Shopping for a safe and comfortable mattress for your baby might be a little tricky. Aside from consulting your baby sleep consultant, you should keep these tips handy when you visit your local baby mega-store. 

Choose A Moderately Firm Bed


Should you buy a very firm mattress or a super soft one? Since mattresses that are too firm can be quite uncomfortable and super-soft surfaces increases the chances of suffocation, you can opt for a double-sided mattress with one side softer than the other. 

The Perfect Crib-Mattress Ratio


When purchasing a mattress for your baby’s crib, keep the crib’s dimensions in mind. At most, the space between the crib and the mattress shouldn’t be greater than two finger breadths; any more and your baby might get trapped within that space. Since everyone would benefit better from healthier, quality sleep; pick a mattress that fits perfectly into your baby’s crib.  

See Quality Mattress As An Investment


A quality mattress should see your little one into their ‘big bed days’. Purchasing one could be quite expensive- costing up to $300 or even more, but it will be worth it! Particularly when you weigh up the possible negatives of choosing a poor or cheaper mattress ranging from  harboring microorganisms and causing respiratory complications to the most severe risks such as SIDS; it’s definitely best to invest in a quality mattress. 

Wrapping Up 

Seeing your baby all cozied up in his cot, smiling at you as he enjoys a restful sleep is a dream come true. Your mattress selection can impact either positively or negatively on this goal, and more than anything else, this article aims to help you create a safe, beautiful environment for your baby to sleep and ultimately, thrive. Pick a couple of lessons from it, and your baby would be one of the happiest, well-adjusted infants around!


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