Do Men Love Diamonds?


Yes, they do. That’s the only rational answer I have for you. But I assume you’re here to hear not just that. You probably want to know about the reasons why men love diamonds and what diamond jewelry they prefer. Well, as for the first, the answer is simple: diamonds are the perfection embodied in precious stones and men are intelligent enough to understand that. And the second part concerning the types of diamond jewelry is really worth discussing. Just looking at the diamond jewelry for men you’ll get a clear understanding of why they like it and pay so much attention to it.

Let’s start from the top and talk about men’s diamond earrings. It’s true that they’re not the most popular jewelry for men, and that the designs of the pieces are not as diverse as the ones for ladies, but the demand is growing rapidly along with the creativity and originality of their looks. It’s not a common practice for men to wear large flashy diamond chandelier earrings in everyday life, at least for now, but there are exclusive items with diamonds that will certainly turn the attention of a man interested in style and fashion. There’s a timeless classic among such jewelry that is ready to charm every man, and you’ve probably guessed already that we’re talking about diamond studs.

Simple yet alluring diamond studs are the best accessory to spice a gentleman’s look. A catchy sparkling detail that will draw attention without stealing the show from

the wearer. It’s the jewelry made to accentuate the exclusive taste of the man wearing it and his willingness to stand out. The good thing about diamond studs is that they’re practical and go well with plenty of outfits. The variation of ways of diamond settings and cuts provide a wide range of designs, and the choice of diamond colors makes it easy to express individuality and display unique style through high-end jewelry. You won’t fail to create a stunning image with the help of men’s diamond studs as they are the best option to choose even if you’re not used to wearing earrings.


Men’s chain necklaces are the main reason men love jewelry. No, seriously, have you seen the amount and variety of chain styles these days? My imagination goes wild at the thought of possible jewelry and outfit combinations with various chain necklaces. There are quite a number of chains men especially are fond of, and few of them go exceptionally well with diamonds. There’s for example the Cuban link chain that is among the hottest jewelry trends right now. It’s perfect for showing off your status and significance along with a sense of style. The best part about it is that the Cuban chain fits perfectly with diamonds. Iced-out Cuban link chain is the necklace for confident and daring guys with clear aims and firm goals. This type of necklace is a good way to show your attitude toward luxury and glamor.

Another representative of the real diamond chains is the Gucci chain. It’s also the necklace that was, it seems, created to be set with diamonds. The extravagant design allows one to experiment with gems of fancy colors and get sophisticated luxury jewelry as a result. It’s the kind of statement necklace that adds fresh and edgy vibes to the look and provides an air of elegance and stability.

Men who prefer less flashy jewelry with diamonds should consider the iconic but moderate tennis necklace. The simplicity is its main advantage that guarantees the necklace the overall love. It won’t leave any man indifferent. A tennis necklace is a jewelry for straightforward men who value elegance and chic.

The aesthetics of men’s hands can be accentuated by the right diamond bracelet. Strong male hands with an exquisite accessory is a sight that is hard to resist. That’s why there’s no need to hold back while choosing a diamond bracelet. The chain styles mentioned above work well not only as necklaces but as bracelets as well. Iced-out Cuban link, tennis, and Gucci chain bracelets perform the same functions we were talking about earlier and make a great ensemble with necklaces of the same style. It’s a win-win choice when you need your look to be effortlessly perfect.

Beaded bracelets are extremely popular and trendy among men. There’s a way to make this accessory not only stylish but luxurious as well. Disco ball bracelets featuring diamonds of every color those gems are available in, will make every man look unique and sharp. A beaded bracelet with a diamond disco ball creates a flawless image without the feeling of you trying too hard to look fancy.

It’s also a good idea to try and style your diamond bracelet with your wristwatch. The appeal of a luxury timepiece can be easily enhanced with the diamond bracelet matching in style with the watch’s band worn on the opposite hand.

There’s no doubt that there are men who are waiting patiently for a word about rings. Indeed, a diamond ring is a must-have for every man who considers himself stylish. The essential question is always a finger to wear the jewelry on. The symbolism of fingers nowadays is still present, though it’s not as important and crucial as it used to be. So, basically, you are free to wear your favorite diamond ring on any finger you like or even use all of them to show off the whole jewelry collection. But this time we’d like to discuss pinky rings.

There’s a reason that inspired the choice, and it’s the 14K White and Black Diamond Ring. This stunning jewelry masterpiece is the essence of sophisticated taste, the perfect combination of colors and powerful masculine energy. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to find a better pinky ring this season. 14K gold provides the ring with a statement look, white diamonds are responsible for elegance and chic, while black diamonds add the jewelry’s somewhat edgy badass vibes. The ring that deserves to make a loud statement on your behalf.

Pinky rings are a common choice among men. They give off the aristocratic flair and possess the energy of power and strength at the same time. It’s probably thanks to the mixture of history and the movie industry. Pinky was a frequent choice for signet rings that featured the family crest typical for wealthy aristocratic families. The finger was also often used for different fraternity rings. The cinematography added a bit of mystery, secret society theories, and the appealing charisma of mafia leaders, mixed it with historical facts, and a rather intriguing stereotypical image for a pinky ring was complete. Today, you may get a really deluxe high-class pinky ring to make your look truly unforgettable.

After all the jewelry we’ve mentioned here, all the doubts that either men or women can possibly not love diamonds should just melt away. It’s so great that anyone can enjoy the beauty of diamonds regardless of gender, age, or other social standards. The main purpose of jewelry is to provide aesthetic pleasure to people with good taste, and diamonds are able to perform this duty well enough if not better than any other gems. That’s how they’ve deserved the overall love.