Digital Dating Tips for Men from Stacyknows and Susie Langer

Susie Langer  a Lifestyle Consultant and I recently sat down to lunch , and naturally the conversation turned to dating.

We immediately came up with some helpful tips to getting back out in the dating game!

This is the new millennium and for single people young and old dating can be a little difficult.

“I have talked to many women and the feedback seems to be the same”

Men need to keep a few things in mind…’



A good head shot or selfie

We don’t want to see you in the distance with a hat on your head or a fuzzy picture


Bad_Selife (1)

Good_First_Pic (1)



No group photos to start,

We shouldn’t have to wait until the end of your profile to figure out who you are.

Good_Group_Photo (1)



First photos are first impressions.

Don’t make your first photo a pic of a dog. If you are on tinder, you can be sure that you will be swiped left. Post enough pics so we can see you look the same.

Generic_Puppy_Pic (1)




White teeth are a plus.

In this day and age, women are looking for the same thing as men. You wouldn’t be attracted to a girl with yellow crooked teeth, would you?

Teeth_Smile (1)



Keep your pics recent.

Change your pics every 6 months to a year or have some recent pics. I was in a long term relationship and when I went back online. There were the same pics I had seen four years ago!

Old_vs_Recent (2)




Know what you want.

If you want to meet someone… Go for it… Keep the momentum. Most people don’t have time for pen pals.



How many dates do you give a person before you cut bait?

If you are having a good time at all, I say three. You should know by then.

Timing is a lot. Honesty is the best. Text less and talk more. I am getting better but texting can literally ruin a relationship.




About Susie Langer

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My passion is home decor and fashion.  My style is casual but elegant, classic and chic.  I have an eye for creating beautiful environments both inside and out.  My specialty is creating a space that is tailored to the individual and is more of a lifestyle concept.  I am inspired by everyday life.  My design ideas come from fashion, movies, and different places around the world.  I see the big picture and the potential to make any space beautiful.

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