Digging for Treasures: Exploring the Vast Selection at Mongers Market

Mongers Market in Bridgeport was a haven for those who loved unique and vintage items. The market was a hub for talented and creative merchants who displayed their reclaimed and salvaged items in their rented market space. It was a place where everyone could find something they loved.

As soon as you entered the market, you were greeted by a vast array of items, from antique furniture to vintage clothing, and from quirky lighting fixtures to retro kitchenware. The merchants had a keen eye for detail and were passionate about their craft, which was evident in the quality of the items available.

They are only open on Sunday from 10-4!!!!

One of the market’s most popular merchants was a young woman named Lily, who specialized in handmade jewelry. Her creations were a hit with customers who loved her unique designs and attention to detail. Lily’s jewelry was made from recycled materials, which added to its appeal.

Another popular merchant was an older gentleman named Henry, who sold antique furniture. He had a wealth of knowledge about each piece of furniture he sold and was always happy to share it with his customers.

There was something for everyone at Mongers Market, and visitors often spent hours wandering through the various stalls, marveling at the creativity and ingenuity of the merchants. It was a place where old items were given.

Mongers Market started as an architectural salvage warehouse in Bridgeport, CT but has since grown as a definitive destination for quirky and fun vintage goods, antiques, and furniture. It’s become one of my favorite Sunday stops when I’m in the area. Recently, the market has expanded with even more vendors (or “mongers” as they like to call it). An admission fee of just $3 per person is more than worth it.