Diamond Engagement Rings – Money Saving Ideas

Diamond Engagement Rings – Money Saving Ideas


For the average man, buying an engagement ring is perhaps the most daunting of all challenges, and with a limited budget, one must leap into the unknown world of precious stones. Buying a diamond engagement ring involves a basic understanding of the way a diamond is valued, as without this, you could be purchasing a piece of quartz, and the first thing to understand is the four Cs which are – Cut, Clarity, Color and of course, Carat. The carat refers to the weight of the stone, and from the remaining three, the cut is the most important, and has significant impact on the value of the stone, and armed with this knowledge, online resources will help you to select the right design and a good value for money diamond.

ü Online Diamond Retailers – Like any other industry, precious stones can be found online, and if you are looking for a way to save some money on this very special purchase, avoiding expensive showrooms in trendy parts of the city is a must. Whichever way you look at it, buying something includes the retailer’s costs, and the lower they are, the cheaper the actual price of the product. All diamonds are certified, and if you are dealing with an established online diamond retailer, such as Diamonds For Less – one of the popular jewellery stores in Toronto, you can surely get real value for money.

Color – The color of a diamond ranges from D-Z, with D being the optimum, and to be quite honest, only a professional jeweler can tell what is the difference between diamonds with color range D and a G, so if you have a limited budget, G is the grade to look at. The price difference between a D and a G could be a couple of thousand dollars, and both have similar properties, but you get the same sparkle for a little less with a G. If you would like to see further information on diamond grading, the GIA hosts many informative writings.

Clarity – The clarity refers to the inclusions and blemishes on the stone, and every diamond has its own clarity rating. FL is flawless and extremely expensive, while IF means internally flawless, and then you have grades of inclusions, which start with VVSI to I3. The best value for money lies with SI1 or SI2 (slightly included). This will ensure the diamond passes a close inspection from anyone bar an expert, and there is nothing the naked eye can really pick out in terms of blemishes.

Fractions of Carats – The weight of the diamond, or its carat is typically bought in round units, but if, for example, you purchased a stone of 0.95 carat, the price would be significantly lower, and the difference is negligible. If you would like to really know the finer details of successfully buying diamonds, check an interesting article online that offers valuable information if you wish to maximize your value for money.

The only way to ensure value for money when purchasing a diamond ring is to shop online, and you can also make good use of the Internet by researching diamonds, paying specific attention to the 4 C grading systems. There are reputable online diamond retailers who do sell at wholesale prices, and once you locate such a dealer, you can be sure of getting the best for your bucks.

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