Restyle Your Jewels at D’Errico Jewelery

Re-styling your Jewelry is a great way to recycle pieces which may have gone past the point of feasible restoration. 


My beloved ring was a wreck.   Part of the metal was actually missing.  But there were white and black diamonds, that shouldn’t just be sitting,  in a broken ring, in my drawer.

Ring- Before -D'errico-Redo
This is what my ring looked liked before Richie D’Errico brilliantly reset the black and white diamonds






You have a choice.  You can get some cold hard cash to spend on gasoline, groceries or your kids.   Yuck  !!!!!




You can take what you have and make it into something more updated and stylish .


The sketches from D'Errico Jewelers
These are the sketches from D’Errico Jewelers.   Which one would you choose?

There are many options when re-styling your jewelry and of course, this depends what you’d ultimately like to achieve.

I chose this.
I chose this.


I love it!!! It looks like this.
I love it!!!
It looks like this.