Customized bottles a trend established as a real fashion


There are many accessories that accompany a good wine and very different ways in which this can be presented. In recent times, what used to be a trend has become established as a real fashion: to buy customized bottles. But why is there so much demand? The reason is very simple: who wouldn’t love to feel complete as the protagonist of an event or a very special occasion?

Secondly, customized bottles are spreading as an exclusive gift. Many people ask for particular customization of the bottles to give to their friends or relatives to celebrate something special.

Customized bottles have become essential, especially in events that want to be called exclusive and reserved. In fact, the label and the personalized bottle are a symbol of attention to detail, of precautions against an event in which nothing is left to change but everything speaks of attention, precision, and personalization sought. Just as every good trend that is affirmed, even that of customized bottles has found a great differentiation and response in the market.

There are many websites offering personalized gifts, but only a few offer good-quality wine customized. Red or white, it is impossible not to love this kind of amazing gift. In particular, when the wine offered is very tasty and comes from a high-quality vineyard.

Together with a wide range of customized wine accessories designed for wine lovers and lovers, our customized bottles complete a special moment. A birthday, a wedding or a gift for Christmas.

In the context of our activity, we have designed other exclusive wine accessories that can be personalized. The special line of customizable wooden wine boxes is an ideal kit for presenting a vintage bottle, a truly special and exclusive product. Elegant and unique, a gift for everyone, you can always be

There are many pieces of research about how wine is appreciated as a gift. Many people are absolutely convinced that this is one of the coolest gifts ever. As a survey from 2005 declares, 88% of a representative sample of 600 wine buyers, interviewed by the Vienna University of Economics Advertising and Market Research Institute, told that wine is an ideal drink for celebrations and special occasions, confirming the positive trend of this consumer product.

In the mentioned study above there is also said that wine buyers regularly buy wine as a present. In Austria in 2005, 74.6 million liters of wine, around a value of 236 million euros, was sold and wine buyers stated that 11% of the bottles purchased regularly serve as a present, it can be seen that this topic is of particular relevance. In the Austrian market alone approximately 24.7 million euros were spent on wines bought as a gift.

The consumer purchasing decision is influenced by many other marketing “pushes” and surrounding related factors, which influence consumer behavior every day.

The effect of these factors and the consumer perceptions of product attributes are influenced when a good is purchased to serve as a gift and depends on different situations, in which the personal involvement of the buyer can change. In fact, the relation to and social status of the recipient comes into account choosing this kind of gift. Therefore, a personalized gift can be more involving for those who receive that. And it is unique and classy. A kiss, a hug, or a family pic are moments you want to share and remember forever, and you can do it by conserving the bottle or the bottles in your cellar or in your house and showing them to everyone.

Personalized gifts are always more and more searched on Google, people have almost everything and their life is full of study they don’t want anymore.

In other research we can read that wine is not only found in the category of low involvement gifts that are easy to buy but also in the high involvement category, rarer and more precious, wine could be also something expensive, high quality, and difficult to find.

Furthermore, there are many characteristics that will make you choose a wine or another one, such as price, product characteristics, product brand, country of origin, taste, packaging, and quality. There are also motivational factors regarding involvement and perceived risks to buying it as a gift. Yet, a personalized bottle could astound your guest or friend, or fiancé and this makes wine an ideal gift item with a small number of other universal presents.

It could also be perfect to decorate tables during a wedding, with love pictures. Or, maybe, for a baptism or a bar mitzvah with personalized texts or photos or a dedication to the hosts.

Some empirical studies (always done in Austria) have measured the impact of package appearance on consumer attention, categorization, and evaluation during brand choice and marketers charge designers with the task of developing appealing wine packaging that communicates desired brand images and corporate identity, what would be better than something about you? A picture of someone or something you really care about? We think it could be one of the best presents ever.

The attention to Made in Italy brings us, besides being forerunners of fashions and new trends, to use precious products, exclusive materials, and equally quality accessories. The final set is a result of true excellence that is impossible not to notice. This is because we care about our customers and we want to offer them only the best. Therefore, we always try to follow their lead and invent solutions that could always satisfy them as customized bottles. Italians do it better even in the wine field, and we are ready to let express yourself thanks to our customized products.