Cracking the code on sexting

Digital Dangers: Cracking the code on sexting
(CBS – New York)

If you want to know what your kids are texting about, sometimes reading the message is not enough.
Teens often use abbreviations to hide the meaning of their conversations – and there are a lot of new ones you might not know about.
“I use abbreviations for everything I text,” said Amari Sims.
Sims figures her parents only know some of the slang that teens like to use to type and text faster, such as “LOL.”
“‘Laugh out loud’ – everyone knows that one,” one family said.
But there are others that Amari and her sister Ashtyn said they would never use. However, some of their peers do.
Many teens tap in to secret parent-proof abbreviations to text and even sext.
We showed the girls’ mother, Crystal Sims, a list, including:
* “IWS” for “I want sex;”
* “GYPO” for “get your pants off;”
* “GNOC” for “get naked on camera.”
Crystal Sims did not know what any of them meant. But she guessed, correctly, that “CU46” means “see you for sex.”