Do you want to say “my child is a rocket scientist!” ?

Destination Science-JCHP-341


Do you want to say “my child is a rocket scientist!” and really mean it?
Or, what if your daughter grew up to build a robot that could clean your entire house?
And, how about imagining your kid stopping global warming rather than working on his tan in Boca?


Many of tomorrow’s careers will require STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and many of our kids — girls and boys — just aren’t developing a love of STEM at an early age. Science can be cool, fun and engaging!


That’s where Destination Science ( comes in.


This terrific day camp for kids in grades K-6 is blasting off in Westchester in summer 2013. Your kids can invent a monster coaster, build an electric chameleon, and bring supplies over a broken bridge (a virtual one…not the Tappan Zee!) and have fun while they’re learning science.


StacyKnows readers who enroll their kids by February 28 will save $90/week!


So, make sure your children become the superheroes of tomorrow…and come back from camp every day this summer with smiles, inventions, and a passion for STEM!