Cheaters get the summer holiday blues

summer -cheating

Victoria Milan, the online dating site for married and attached people seeking affairs, released the results of their latest survey. The survey found that cheaters get more annoyed with their long-term partners during the holidays—and are therefore even more likely to cheat.


summer -cheating

 When it comes to the summer holidays, large numbers of infidelity site members reveal that more time spent with their long-term partner means more desire for their lover. For several different reasons, the free time associated with summer holidays puts pressure on relationships, and that means that cheating rates climb.

This recent survey, conducted in the thick of the summer season, shows that the more time we spend with our spouse, the more eager we are to be unfaithful. Of the 4652 male and female members of the controversial infidelity dating site Victoria Milan, all of whom are married or in a stable relationship, the most common reason for preferring to spend the holidays with a lover is not having enough sex with their steady partner. This was the reason cited by 28.7% of the women and 36.2% of the men surveyed.

From there men and women diverge in their reasons. Second place for men is feeling smothered by all the must-haves that their longterm relationships put on them: 23.40%. For women, fighting a lot with their husbands or boyfriends comes in second at 19.30%. Next in line giving men the infidelity itch is fighting a lot at 14.2%, and for women third place is not having enough to talk about despite having so much time together, reported by 15.3%.

Company founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal states: “During the summer holidays, time creeps on, and the vacation time which is supposed to be a gift becomes a curse! Cheating presents itself as a natural remedy. It’s no surprise to the experts at Victoria Milan that our infidelity numbers are on the rise.”

Victoria Milan is Europe´s original discreet social network for men and woman seeking a secret affair. The service was launched by happily married media executive Sigurd Vedal in 2010 and has today become one of the world´s fastest growing and leading social networks for discreet extramarital affairs surpassing 2.5 million members worldwide in more than 21 countries. Victoria Milan is currently available with active members in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, USA, Canada, and Australia.