Building the Perfect Good Vibes Playlist On Your Phone



Are you looking to set up the perfect good vibes playlist for your phone?

Having a good vibes playlist on your phone is essential—you want to be able to go to your friend’s house, a party, or wherever and always have a cool playlist on hand. But, having a good vibes playlist is also great for your personal listening. It can become your ultimate study playlist, or it may just get you through a really boring commute to work.

Any way you look at it, having a good vibes playlist can be a lifesaver in a lot of different scenarios. But what makes a good playlist? How do you choose the right songs and create the right feel?

If you’ve been asking these questions, we’ve got you covered. Here is your ultimate guide to setting up your playlist.

What Is Good Vibes Music?

Is classical music good vibes? Is hip-hop good vibes?

Most styles of music could make it onto someone’s good vibes playlist somewhere. However, there are some universal traits that you should observe in the music before you put it on your playlist. This is important if you are interested in avoiding annoying people at a house party right after you elect to plug your phone into the speakers.

The main features you want to look for are the following:

1. Beat

Good vibes start with being able to nod your head along with the music. You want to be able to feel the groove. So, your music should have some sort of beat that people can catch onto.

This probably rules out most classical music that isn’t heavy on bass and percussion.

2. Pace

The next thing you want to consider is how fast the music moves. People want to be able to relax to the beat, not feel like they have to get up and start moshing.

The beat of your music doesn’t need to be particularly obvious. Some music achieves a very relaxed beat with drums or drum machines, just by using a low-intensity percussion instrument.

You can throw in the occasional without a strong beat, like a folk vocal track. But don’t overdo it. You may send the party to sleep without something to nod along to.

3. Vocals

Vocals are optional for a good vibes playlist. You can make a pretty good playlist without any lyrics at all. Some styles of house music can achieve this pretty well.

On the other hand, you can have very vocal-heavy music. The one thing about vocals, though, is that they can’t be intrusive. You want to keep to melodious voices as you find on old Motown records, staying away from anything too high-pitched or raw.

4. Pitch

Pitch is important for the base track and the vocals. High-pitched sounds can actually be discomforting for some people to hear.

The frequency is too high and it can actually feel like the sound is piercing the eardrum (think fingernails on blackboards). Mid-ranged pitches are a safer bet.

Think About Genre

You may think that you should set up your playlist by choosing a bunch of specific songs, but you want to start broader than that. It’s a good idea to have a mix of genres on your playlist so that you don’t get sick of just hearing lofi beats or chilled-out house music.

Music trends change, but chill music has always been here. Don’t limit yourself to what came out in the last ten years and don’t limit yourself to a specific genre.

If you are playing the music for other people, casting a wider net of genres is going to please more people. Also, if you are playing the music for yourself, you might find you start to educate yourself on your music tastes and find new areas to explore.

Here are some of the key genres to look out for:

1. Motown

This is the original good vibes music. Trendy beats with sweet, sweet vocals. It’s the epitome of cool.

2. Lounge Music 

Lounge music has been around for a long time, but in its modern form, it is mostly driven by digital sounds. Mix in the old with the new for some retro sounds and modern chic.

3. Classic Rap

Is rap good vibes music? Absolutely. Particularly the older artists like Biggie Smalls and Ice Cube. A lot of these artists used Motown beats and speeded them up a little.

New rap can be good as well, particularly the stuff that plays in with other genres like house music. But watch out for anything where the vocals get too heavy—it can kill the groove.

4. House Music

A sweet modern delight, house music is a pretty good bet for a good vibes playlist. But just remember, this isn’t your workout playlist and the beat doesn’t need to pump you up. Just keep it chill.

5. Classic Pop

You can also have a bit of fun with classic pop songs. You don’t need to be too esoteric in your choices. Accessibility is cool too.

Think about Fleetwood Mac’s 80’s years as a guide.

How to Create the Playlist?

Once you’ve identified the music you want, you just need to sort out how to get it on your phone. These days iTunes and Spotify are pretty popular and you can find most of what you need there.

But if you want specific versions of songs from YouTube, for example, you can get more items using a good YouTube to mp3 converter.

Your Good Vibes Playlist Might Not Be Everyone Else’s

The last thing you have to remember is that a good vibes playlist is personal. Not everyone has the same music taste and not everyone will be impressed by the weird music they haven’t heard before.

So, make sure you pick your audience. If the music is just for you to study or chill out to, explore the world of music. But, if it’s to take along to parties, try and go for items with broader appeal.

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