Build Your Wealth with Passive Income


Whether you want to make a little more money for that dream vacation or you want to bring in extra funds to boost your family’s income each month, one of the best ways of doing so, thanks to the internet, is to set up one or more streams of passive income.

Passive income is money that you are able to earn when you’re not working. The sales role in even as you sleep, play with your kids, or relax on the beach, which makes it the dream for many.

If building your wealth via passive income is something you are interested in, here are some of the best ways to do it:

Create a course

Everybody knows something, so why not turn that something you know a great deal about into a course? Then post it online, do a little marketing, and hopefully the sales will start to roll in. The beauty of doing this is that you only need to put the work into resting the course once, and it could potentially keep earning your money for the rest of your life.

Put your music on iTunes

If you are a musician, whether solo or in a band, you could potentially make a little extra passive income if you put your music on iTunes wheat can be purchased by anyone who digs what you’re doing. Chances are you won’t make millions, but every little help, and the exposure it will bring to you/your band, could be immense on top of any royalties you do receive.

Write eBooks

The eBook revolution has made it possible for everyone to be a published author, and although everyone will not be successful, there are many people writing and uploading eBooks, both fiction and non-fiction, and making a steady income by doing so. Once a book is uploaded, it is there for good, which again, means you can keep making money long after the hard work of writing is done, That being said, the more books you write and upload, the more likely you are to build wealth from them over the months and years.


Set up a storefront, populate it with products, and do a little marketing. Once people start visiting, the dropshipping company will take care of the rest and you’ll be able to make money while you sleep. I mean, you will need to update product lists once in a while and do a little bit of marketing each week, but other than that, the process is pretty automatic.

Invest in stocks

Taking things in a slightly different direction, why not invest in stocks and shares? Although there is more of a risk in this because you will be using your own money upfront, the rewards can be tremendous, especially if you’re willing to rise out those peaks and troughs over time. There is lots of great software to help you get started and as long as you are willing to learn, you can do quite well from investing in this way.

Passive income is the best kind of income, so what are you waiting for?