Bronx Little Italy’s Annual Ferragosto Event in September

Bronx Little Italy’s Annual Ferragosto Event is on something that should be on your radar which has been part of the neighborhood’s tradition for over 20 years.

Taking place on the Sunday after Labor Day weekend (this year, on Sunday, 9/11 from 12 to 6 pm), Ferragosto celebrates the end of the harvest season and is an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their signature products and dishes for all visitors.

This year’s participating local businesses include Artuso Pastry Shop, Morrone Pastry Shop, Calabria Pork Store, Vincent’s Meat Market, Teitel Brothers, Randazzo’s Seafood, Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue, Mario’s Restaurant, San Gennaro Restaurant, Marie’s Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans & Gifts, La Casa Grande Cigars, Felix’s Custom T-Shirts, Azgardz and more.

Ferragosto is an ancient Roman festival that dates back to 18 B.C. when the gathering was created in honor of Caesar Augustus.

Bronx Little Italy’s Ferragosto is a fun, community focused day with Italian cuisine, culture, and entertainment on Arthur Avenue and East 187th Street, and a chance for visitors to experience first-hand the neighborhood’s old-world charm and tradition of authentic Italian fare. Some photos are included below my signature.