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Take your smoothie on your summer vacation with ALOHA’s Superfood Smoothie Kit



ALOHA’s new-and-improved Superfood Smoothie Kit includes everything you need to make a delicious, protein-packed smoothie on the go (AKA on the way to the beach). It comes with yummy chocolate and vanilla protein powders made with organic hemp seed protein and Superfood Greens Blends filled with nutrient-rich ingredients like spirulina, blueberries, and cacao. Plus,Stacyknows readers get a free trial here!

Each smoothie pouch is loaded with quality ingredients that will give you a broad spectrum of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. These Smoothie Kits can make for a healthy meal replacement, or even a satisfying post-workout snack.

The Free Trial of Superfood Smoothie Kit includes:

  • 2 ALOHA Protein packs in chocolate and vanilla
  • 3 Daily Good Greens pouches filled with fiber, superfoods, and loaded with vitamin D

If you’re not sure what your favorite flavor blend is, try out ALOHA‘s Free Trial Smoothie Kit. It’s a great way to try out their different smoothie flavors while still getting the nutrition your body needs!