Breakouts, bloating and more; Stress is impacting Americans’ health


In today’s world, we can have stress surrounding us in different ways. It can come up in our home, work, or social lives. StyleSeat recently surveyed over 1,200 Americans about their stress levels and found that 6 in 10 Americans are more stressed than they were last year.

Concerns about work, finances, and health are stressing more and more people out — and now they’re looking for solutions. The survey found the average American has recently spent $260 on stress treatments, from new products to professional services. To learn more about how people are experiencing and managing stress, StyleSeat asked about everything from skin to stomach troubles and sleep to vitamin supplements.

Stress symptoms come in many forms throughout the body. Of those surveyed, 80% of Americans said they experience changes in energy levels due to stress, and 49% reported trouble with digestion. Other common invisible symptoms people reported are headaches (59%), muscle tension (54%), muscle fatigue (38%), and bloating (25%).

Hair and skin are also affected by stress. The most common visible symptoms are breakouts, hair thinning, dry skin, and dull skin. Women are especially prone to breakouts with 42% of women respondents reporting stress-related breakouts, versus 20% of men. About a third of Americans also report more breakouts this past year. Hair loss is actually on the rise, too: 1 in 5 Americans report more stress-related hair loss this year, and 1 in 5 Americans report more stress-related hair loss in the past year.

As for stress symptoms that bother survey respondents the most…breakouts, bloating, and hair thinning are the top three complaints. More women (30%) than men (18%) say breakouts are their worst stress side effects.

So, how do people manage these stress-induced issues? A majority of Americans said they manage stress through basic lifestyle shifts like more sleep (69%), exercise (60%), and hydration (53%). Some respondents have also tried professional bodywork to relieve their stress. Among those, massage, sauna, and steaming are the most popular choices, and 89% said these kinds of treatments were effective.

85% of Americans also said they simplify their beauty routines when stressed, opting for fewer or milder products.

Whether you want some help troubleshooting your skin or a new lowkey hairstyle, StyleSeat can make life a little easier and help you find the right beauty professional in your area.