Best Whatsapp Alternatives to Use in 2021

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The Whatsapp privacy policies have turned the tables around for people lately. The platform has lost a lot of users due to its uncertain terms of use. As they unveiled that they will be sharing their user data with Facebook and other companies that are connected with it. Over time, the new data policies have angered a lot of people. If you are tired of the plain old WhatsApp. Well, we’ve got the perfect WhatsApp mod for you today.GBWA allows chatting, voice, and video calls. The mod also lets you share your live location, files, contacts, and media files. GBWhatsApp is among the best WhatsApp mods that you could get for your device. Users know this WhatsApp mod as a multiple-account-friendly mod and so much more. However, this mod cannot be downloaded via app distribution services like the Google Play Store. But you’re in luck as we have provided the GB Whatsapp download link below.

Like other WhatsApp mods out there, GBWA has the original app’s functions and features with additional features. But before we walk you through the details about GBWhatsApp, we encourage you to learn more about other mods on SoftGOZA.

There are further options that people have started exploring due to these policy alterations. If you are also confused about which alternative will be the best for you, then we have listed some of the best ones, right here. You can also check out a comparison between some specific alternatives here

Best Whatsapp Alternative to use in 2021

We have lined up the top 4 alternatives for you that you can choose and connect through, instead of Whatsapp.


Telegram has experienced a lot of hype since the Whatsapp policies changed. It is indisputably, one of the best chatting platforms that meet all the requirements of Whatsapp. It is also one of the leading competitors of Facebook at the moment as many people have diverted to it after the policy controversy showed up. However, Telegram has a set of more interesting features to offer. For instance, it comes with a feature of “supergroup” which allows you to add up to 100,000 people to it. You can also make groups of channels and much more, making it easier to share files of up to 1.5 GB. Lastly, it is way more secure than Whatsapp which is the major reason why people have already switched to this chat app. In addition, it has Telegram Bots, which enhances the experience a lot more.



Signal is another messenger, that is competing with Whatsapp really well. It is powered with end-to-end encryption along with a bunch of security features that you wouldn’t get on Whatsapp. It has self-destructing messages and screen security features too. The screen security feature basically prohibits everyone from taking screenshots of the chat. All the chats, calls, group calls, and video calls are encrypted on Signal. Moreover, the files you share on this messenger are also encrypted and protected. Isn’t that a strong competition considering the new changes that Whatsapp has brought along?


If you don’t want to use your private number for a chat room, then Kik is definitely going to be your best bet. There are a lot of people who are not comfortable sharing their numbers for messengers. Kik only demands your email id. Once your account is created, you will get a username link that you can share with all your friends, who are already using Kik and chat with them. The best thing about this wonderful alternative app is that you are not losing any feature. You have accessibility to all the important features like stickers, emojis, GIFs, video sharing, photo sharing, and much more. So, there is nothing to worry about. With Kik, you are getting enhanced security and all the features that Whatsapp would offer.


This has definitely become a widely used alternative for a lot of people, for some time now. Who doesn’t love chatting through videos and photos? It makes the experience a lot more real, doesn’t it? It is definitely a social media app but it has lately turned into a messaging app more and more. All the messages you send can be self-destructed after some time or you can also choose the option where they are self-destructed after the receiver reads them. Moreover, if anyone takes a screenshot of the chat or image, you get notified right away. It is certainly a fun app for chatting with your friends, making the experience a lot more interesting. It comes with the features of call, video call, group call, and a lot more than you can easily get in all the other messengers too. From video sharing to photos sharing, there is nothing you would miss, while using Snapchat.


Whatsapp has certainly messed up its audience with the policies that it has been playing with and gone are the days when it was one of the best sources for messaging. There are a lot more secure options accessible these days which are now gaining popularity. If you want to switch from Whatsapp, these are the best 4 alternatives that you can rely upon.