Best European Vacation Locations



There are destinations throughout Europe to suit all your getaway preferences. Whether it be adventure, relaxation, culture, or food, Europe has tonnes on offer. This article outlines some of the best European destinations for your next holiday.

With the impacts of Covid and Brexit, it’s essential to ensure you have all the relevant documents for traveling. A global health insurance card (GHIC) allows all U.K. citizens access to the European Union countries’ state-funded health services. You can apply online, so remember to make this part of your travel prep.

Rome, Italy

Rome is exceptionally rich in history, with the Romans shaping the borders of Europe with this city thousands of years ago. Italy’s capital is an ideal location for couple getaways and family trips with sights like the Colosseum.

Cavtat, Croatia

Situated near the must-see Dubrovnik, Cavtat is a beautiful part of Europe. It boasts a charming town offering lovely places to wine and dine. It also has a gorgeous waterfront lined with palm trees that resembles the luxurious St Tropez.

Prague, Czech Republic

The beauty of Prague is as romantic as Paris, with cobbled streets and enchanting walkways through the town. It boasts a rich history you can explore via walking tours, several museums to soak up local culture and bars galore. Be sure to try the beer – arguably, the best in Europe!

The Greek Islands

The infamous Greek Islands deserve a spot on the list for their idyllic white-sand coves and clear blue waters, not forgetting the most beautiful sunsets and delicious cuisines. Santorini would be one of the most popular islands to visit, but if you’re looking for somewhere lesser-known, why not head to Milos?

Tenerife, Spain

One of Europe’s most popular destinations, Tenerife is close to the U.K, offering a convenient flight time for families. However, it’s a lovely destination all year round, especially in summer. With average temperatures of 22C in winter, it makes a great winter getaway.

Cappadocia, Turkey

In recent years, this destination has become insta-famous for its hot air balloon-filled skies. Set in the Anatolian planes, the landscape of Cappadocia is an otherworldly kind of beauty. People have utilized the soft stone over the years to create shelter underground, leaving the places brimming with fascinating cavern architecture. Why not stay in a cave hotel for a unique experience?

Cornwall, England

Situated on the very southwest point of England, Cornwall will completely change your perception of England with white sands, blue seas, and clear skies. It’s one of the best-hidden gems England offers, and the local seafood and scenery are exquisite. You’ll start to wonder why you’ve never gone for a beach holiday in the U.K.

Kotor, Montenegro

Combining slopes of beautiful hikes and trails, mazes of museums, café-strewn squares, and quaint Venetian character, Kotor is simply stunning. By day, you can enjoy the old-world buildings, local culture, palaces, and pillories; by night, enjoy the buzz of bars, live music, and castle-top clubbing!

The Algarve, Portugal

There are hidden gems to enjoy the sunshine, sea, and sandy beaches from the stunning Algarve region to coastal islands like Madeira. Cycle ride through Portuguese countryside, indulge in some of Europe’s fine wines or go in-land for breath-taking volcanic landscapes.

Dordogne Valley, France

With prestigious vineyards, a beautiful nature reserve, and exciting culture, the Dordogne valley is esteemed in Europe. The Dordogne River offers tonnes of fun activities like canoeing – it’s the only river in France listed as part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves for its exceptional environmental quality.