Benefits of Coffee for Women


On average, women drink around half the amount of coffee as men – 1.9 cups daily, to men’s 2.4, but with research starting to strongly suggest that coffee could have a wide number of benefits for its female consumers could it be time to up your daily intake?


Here we look into the number of benefits for women who are regularly consuming coffee.

The health benefits of coffee for women

All varieties of coffee, including decaf, have a number of health benefits for women. Here we look into the main benefits and the science behind them:

Coffee can lower the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer, with around 7.6 million people suffering from the condition today. It has been found that those who drink 2 or more cups a day can lower their risk of heart disease by 11%. This is because coffee can protect against a condition called atherosclerosis, which is a plaque build up inside the arteries that prevent the normal flow of blood and increase the risk of heart failure and disease.

It can reduce the risk of MS

People who have a higher consumption of coffee on a daily basis have been found to have a significantly lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis – by up to 30%. This has been studied greatly, across the globe, and researchers are united in their findings that coffee could have a preventative role in the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as MS. With women being 4 times more likely to suffer from MS than men, this is certainly an interesting find.

It could improve your memory

A study published in the journal of Nature Neuroscience concluded that caffeine has a positive impact on boosting long-term memory. Research has discovered that caffeine enhances long-term memory function because it can improve the consolidation process, which makes memory recall easier.

It can prevent the risk of Dementia and Alzheimers

Worldwide, women with dementia outnumber men 2 to 1. This devastating disease affects 50 million people across the globe, with 10 million new cases annually. Coffee can delay cognitive decline which can result in Alzheimer’s, with regular coffee drinkers having a 60-70% reduced risk of developing the disease.

It could decrease the risk of breast cancer

There is a strong link within post-menopausal women that increased coffee consumption can mean a lower risk of breast cancer. Coffee may also reduce the risk of melanoma by 20% and colorectal cancer by as much as 50%.

It may prevent gallstones

Gallstone sufferers are up to 75% more likely to be female and it is the most common digestive problem for women today. Drinking coffee could decrease a woman’s risk of gallstones by up to a third, this is because caffeine is excreted via the bile and is associated with a reduced number of cholesterol found there which is a contributing factor to gallstones.

It lowers the risk of gout

Over the last twenty years, the cases of gout among women have doubled. Gout is a complex, though the common, form of arthritis resulting in severe joint pain. Coffee can reduce a female’s risk factor by more than 50% by lowering the uric acid levels that often lead to the condition.

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