bella dahl Fall Collection Curates Sophisticated Looks in Nature-Inspired Colors


bella dahl Fall Collection Curates Sophisticated Looks in Nature-Inspired Colors

Autumn essentials bring to life effortless SoCal style made for sustainable living

  Inspired by the rich color palette of the natural elements around us, bask in the sustainably crafted fall collection from bella dahl. Carefully curate your fall wardrobe with the new woven collection of essentials from bella dahl. Greet the cooler breezes of autumn in an effortless SoCal style that perfectly compliments eco-conscious living. Welcome fall with a rich palette of saturated natural greens, antique amethyst, and bright golden spruce reminiscent of a late summer garden party with good friends. Rich sequoia/dark oak hues heat things up while dusty indigo and nightshade offer a cool neutral palette for a sophisticated look.

“Our fall inspiration comes from natural elements and earthy pigments,” shares Rachel Hughes, Art Director for bella dahl. “This collection captures the radiance of summer while dipping a toe into the refreshing coolness of fall’s deeper tones and richer textures.”

Rustic earthy hues complete the bella dahl canyon pigment palette, awakening memories of red rock landscapes and autumn sunsets. Grounded shades of golden wheat, copper sand, warm gravel, and amber pair beautifully with cooler shades of huckleberry or Hudson blue. In late fall, jewel tones capture a sexy, dynamic midnight garden palette. Luxurious chartreuse, boysenberry, navy ink, and jasper green set off dark granite/black solids. Complete the look with all-new bella dahl must-haves for the season that include:

  • Sustainably crafted bella dahl denim made from butter-soft TENCEL™ Lyocell wood pulp fibers in shades of indigo, black, canyon wash 549, and handmade circle dye.
  • Watercolor details create movement with a subtle wash of color in hand painted “Monet-inspired” garden prints.
  • Touchable texture perfect for layering, with lightweight crinkle plaid, mineral-washed/mohair sweaters, and easy-breezy denim jackets.
  • Block print patterns that stand out in hand-tied/novelty dyed chevron, hand painted rustic stripe, feminine black autumn florals, and bold ombre plaids
  • Lavish bella dahl A91 Cupro Satin tops and horizon dye puffer jackets in an opulent array of regal fall colors.

Responsibly cultivated and locally designed by women in Los Angeles with laid-back West Coast style, a timeless fall wardrobe begins at bella dahl. For a daily dose of casual California style follow @belladahl on Instagram and tag #heydahl when you look and feel your best. bella dahl – Soft on you, softer on the planet.

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Founded in Los Angeles and launched in 2010 by CEO and Managing Partner of EMJ Apparel Group, Kerry Jolna, who brought in Steven Millman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. bella dahl is a globally renowned ready-to-wear apparel brand that combines casual California fashion with modern sustainability. The thoughtfully curated brand designs collections made with their signature soft, innovative fabrics that feature timeless silhouettes. Shop bella dahl in over 2,900 specialty stores worldwide, including a pop up at Selfridges in London, and build your wardrobe with effortless, sophisticated styles that you can live in and love. For a daily dose of elevated casual style follow @belladahl on Instagram, tag #heydahl when you look and feel your best, and sign up to be an affiliate! bella dahl – Soft on you, softer on the planet.