Get a Little Bedside Assistance from Bestselling Author and Sex Expert Marisa Bennett

Fifty Shades of Grey
 has changed how sex is thought about in America. Now, Fifty Shades of Pleasure: A Bedside Companion: Sex Secrets That Hurt So Good
will change how sex is performed in America! From BDSM tricks to some orgasm-inducing positions, Marisa’s already skyrocketed our sex life into delicious new realms of possibility.  But it turns out, she’s still got more up her sleeve. This time, it’s tips and tricks to mind-blowing oral sex. 
The book’s informative sketches, helpful guides, and Marissa’s trademark wit will ease even the shyest of readers. And her expertise will astound even the most, um. . .well-rounded readers.

 Erotic romance isn’t the exclusive property of innocent students, domineering businessmen, and soccer moms. Bestselling author and sex expert Marisa Bennet gave women some BDSM to add to their bag of tricks in Fifty Shades of Pleasure, and spotlighted some orgasm-inducing positions in Fifty Shades of Ecstasy. Now we’ll follow her into even more exciting territory: oral sex.

Once your partner discovers a copy of Bennett’s new book, Fifty Shades of Oral Pleasure: A Bedside Guide to Going Down For Him and Her stashed oh-so-casually—you’ll be glad you gave the hint. This is an enthusiastic guide to His and Hers oral trysts.

At some point, everyone needs a little guidance, and Bennett’s road map, paved with smart commentary—including guides to “Ladybits Anatomy” and “Man Parts” —demystifies the art of oral sex.

Tongue-in-cheek references abound, but don’t misunderstand: Bennett is not shy. Straight talk, an artful use of words we all know (manzone, anyone?), and precise sketches can help steam up any encounter. Techniques include “The Zipper,” “Poppin’ Bottles,” and the “Pants off Dance Off.”

Among Bennett’s many revelations is that sex-as-usual is a crapshoot; only 25 percent of women regularly orgasm. But when it comes to oral sex, her chance for pleasure increases exponentially. You were given a mouth for more than just eating cotton candy. Read on and get using it!