Beautiful Ottomans for Your Home


Ottomans are usually underestimated in the world of furniture. When designing a living room, they are not often thought of as important additions, but that should be reconsidered. Not only do they look great, but they add functionality to your space.

An ottoman’s basic purpose is to give your feet a place to rest after a long day. Being able to come home and unwind with your feet up is a stress reliever. But there are other uses for this versatile piece of furniture.

Do you have guests over frequently? If so, ottomans can be additional seating. You can tuck it away in a corner in smaller living spaces and bring it out when needed. Depending on your lifestyle, there are even more uses for ottomans.

Ottomans add more surface to the room and can serve as a coffee table. Get one with storage, and you’ll have a place to hide all the things you want to keep out of sight. That collection of magazines can fit right in the drum of the piece. Do you like to cozy up on the sofa with a blanket while watching movies? If so, throw a blanket and even a pillow inside a large ottoman.

Keep your bottles of red wine stored away in the ottoman alongside a bottle opener, so you don’t have to continue going to the kitchen or dining area to retrieve a bottle for guests.

Another room ottomans were made for is the bedroom. Place one at the foot of your bed and use it as bedding storage. It can also double as seating when you allow others in your personal space or need somewhere to sit as you get ready for your day.

Do you need to fill a wall in the hallway? A stylish ottoman is the right solution. Hang a picture or place mirrors above it to breathe life into the space.

These pieces come in a few standard shapes that complement the existing décor. Round ottomans pair well with sectional sofas as everyone seated has equal access to the surface. They also soften the room, so it doesn’t appear too grid-like.

Modular sofas and square ottomans are other terrific pairings. The edges align with the sofa’s lines so everyone can put their feet up or rest their drinks on the ottoman. Are you looking for something more eccentric than the standard shapes? An asymmetrical, curved, or honeycomb shape may better suit your tastes.

Choose a size that’s proportionate to the room and other pieces of furniture. You don’t want an ottoman so small that the sofa drowns it out or so big it conflicts with the main seating. If you think you need more than one to fill the space properly, go for it. After all, it’s your home, and you have the right to get creative with the design.

Whatever room you decide to place the ottoman in, you will immediately elevate the look and draw the interest of onlookers.