Based on Your Zipcode: Will You Get Divorced? Best Cities for Singles?

Single this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you should move. Parcl Labs broke down the best cities for finding love in the US – based on the number of single people and amount of nightlife:

  • For single Millennials, Parcl Labs’ data indicates that Cleveland and Detroit are the best cities for meeting a new boo.
    • Cleveland: 77% are single
    • Detroit: 75% are single
  • For single GenZs, Parcl Labs concludes that Seattle and Minneapolis are where it’s at for meeting a special someone.
    • Seattle: 64% are single
    • Minneapolis: 64% are single
  • For both Millennials + GenZ, Boston and Atlanta are the cities for finding love.


Oh, you’re married? Your zip code can predict your likelihood of divorce.

Parcl Labs built an app for that: The Love Calculator.


And for those looking for a Plan B, the app shares a breakdown of singles by generation. For example, while 76% of young adults in New York are single, just 33% of those considered middle age are.